The aging but dependable trawler Clairrann is hard aground. According to my insurance policy, it is a good thing to have her hauled out, winterized and covered over this time of year but to me it just kicks off the boater’s version of seasonal affective disorder. With any good luck, the snow will soon begin to accumulate in the mountains and I can replace my marine depression with the exhilaration of skiing. This past season was certainly a mix of bad and worse weather mixed in with a little great weather. I hope everyone had ample opportunity to enjoy their boats and to spend time at the Ropewalk enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow members. Although the boating scene, and AYC, certainly quiets down for the next few months, your Board of Governors is already beginning to discuss and make plans for next season with the goal of continuing the best traditions of the Arundel Yacht Club. I hope to see everyone mid-way through the winter at the annual Ice Breaker party; don’t miss it, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with your club friends and share plans for the upcoming season.

Enjoy the winter!

Bob Scribner


PS. I am still looking for volunteers to help take AYC “green”. Call me!



This season was one that started late and ended late. I know many boats did not make it into the water until July, and many did not come out until October. The weather finally improved in August and provided us with a great fall. I know we snuck in one final boat trip in late October on a beautiful crisp day. Now the slips are all empty, except for the four that we have taking advantage of our winter storage. Reminder: all members are eligible for winter storage at the club.

The waterfront committee will be meeting again after the holidays, and after the slip renewals have gone out to membership. Any members who have slip changes, either upsizing, downsizing or not renewing, please notify me by email. When reconfiguring the slips, we look at slip holder modification requests first, then we move to waiting list. Members on the long wait list should verify that the boat they own and would want in a slip at the club is the boat on the wait list application. The committee uses the applications to best match the vessel to the slip available.

Any questions, concerns or input on the waterfront are always welcome. Just call, email, or send me a note.


Amy Bath

Vice Commodore





As the brand new Chair of the AYC Ways and Means Committee, I feel my first order of business is to extend a hearty and heartfelt “Thank You” to Kavin and Ginny Moody for their six years of service to AYC. I realize that Kavin held the title of Chair and therefore attended more meetings, wrote for the Lubber’s Log and carried more responsibility than Ginny did. But I trust the membership will agree with me that, when it came to Ways and Means, the Moody’s were a twofer! I might also go so far as to say, if Ways and Means service is counted in the number of dishes washed, Ginny wins! I’m happy to report that Kavin is actually weaning himself off of his duties as chair of this important committee and has promised to guide me through my duties for the immediate future. For this, I am extremely grateful.

My second order of business is to inform you that the Ways and Means Committee, regrettably, has decided to discontinue the annual Fishing Derby. This event was apparently designed to encourage AYC youth to take up fishing but our current membership does not support this approach. As a non-fisherperson, I’d like to ask, “Could this event be reborn for adult fisherpeople?” If you fisherfolk out there have any ideas on how to reinvent the Fishing Derby, please be in touch with me at or 207-229-4115 voice/text. I look forward to bringing your ideas to the full Ways and Means Committee for consideration.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to those members who do not know me. I was lucky enough to move to Kennebunk in August 1997 with my husband, Kevin Cain, and our three beautiful daughters, Emily, Beth and Eileen. In 2001, we bought our first sailboat, a 23’ Sea Sprite, but its lack of a head soon prompted me to utter the words every boating man dreams of: “Honey, we need a bigger boat.” This led us to purchase Mariko, a 28’ Cape Dorey, in 2003 which we have enjoyed sailing ever since – most often with long-time AYC members, Jack and Arleen Jensen. A subsequent job change for Kevin prompted us to both seek employment elsewhere so, sadly, we now divide our time between Kennebunk and Long Island, NY. But fear not! My heart never crossed the border and thanks to the wonders of technology, I should be able to fulfill my duties as Ways and Means Chair without a hitch.

I encourage all AYCers who have an interest in the social aspect of AYC to make note of my email address and cell phone number above and be in touch. I look forward to serving the membership for the next three years and can only hope to fill Kavin’s large and impressive shoes.

Jane Cain, Chair

Ways & Means Committee




ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW MEMBERS - This past June, candidates for AYC membership joined representatives of the BOG, the Membership Committee and our Club Steward at a New Member Orientation meeting. The candidates then visited the Club as guests of their Sponsors this past summer to help them to get to know and be known by members. In accordance with Club By-laws, they were formally announced at our Annual Meeting this past September, as well as in this issue of the Lubber’s Log. Accordingly, we are privileged to announce, and urge you to please welcome the following persons to Arundel Yacht Club membership effective January 2010:

Matthew Tuller

Jason Gilpatrick

Mary and Bob Rice

Karen and John Stoma

Julie and Michael Spenlinhauer

Pat and John (Pete) Pence

Loralie and Curtis Mildner

Dave Emery, Chair

Membership Committee




I’ll be starting work on the 2010 AYC Yearbook soon.

Anyone who has some pictures from either the Fall Clean-up Day or the joint AYC/River Club Cocktail Party that I can use, please e-mail them to me at or if they’re not digital, to send them to me at PO Box 629A, Kennebunkport.

Dave James

AYC Yearbook Editor




Our condolences go out to the family of Bob Rencurrel, who passed away last month.

And our thanks to Barbara and the Rencurrel family for being kind enough to include the AYC Memorial Fund as a way to remember Bob.

One of our former Commodores, Charles E. Cole, has passed on. He served from 1970-1972.




Thank you to the following members who pitched in at the end of the season. Your hard work is appreciated!





Cindy Clement Ralph Clement Annie Barker
Charlie Barker Mark Paquette Kevin Cain

Ann Marie Somers

Jack Somers Donna Costello

Mike Costello

Anne Gould

Susan Graesser

Dave Emery

Judy Emery

Bob Burns

Pete Donovan Leslie Lindgren Carl Lindgren

Jeff Merrill

Phil Ludwig

Loralie Mildner

Curt Mildner Dave Wagor

Schuyler Donovan

Bill Guay

David Smith

Dean Johnson









Happy Holidays,

Happy Winter!

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