Lubber's Log

August 2011


   The Ropewalk has been "open for business" this summer. The building is in great shape, with the new windows and siding project complete. The staff finished sealing the windows, the docks are all numbered, and all the lights are operating. New members have been welcomed, races have been won, and events have been bursting at the seams with members' attendance. The big grill is all rebuilt, special thanks to Steve Jacobsen for heading up the project, and Mark Baker for assisting us in obtaining the parts at a reduced rate. Being a volunteer club, this is an example of how volunteer members help us keep our expenses down.  

   The summer has flown by, and the Board of Governors is now working on our upcoming budget and long-range budget. We are looking at items that will need upgrading or replacing over the next three to five years. We ALWAYS welcome the thoughts of our membership, so if you have any ideas, please pass them along to me, or Anne Gould. 

   Take some time and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer on the water, or enjoying a meal on the deck of the Club.

Amy Bath



   With the tremendous assistance of our Club Manager, Bill McSherry, and his superb team of Stewards, the Waterfront is in excellent shape. The next time you walk down onto the docks, you may notice improvements: Our "graveyard" of old docks have been removed, we replaced three of the finger docks that simply were beyond repair, and have re-numbered each of the slips.
   We were also pleased to see that a number of members who have boats but do not have a slip are using the AYC waterfront. Again, thanks to Bill and the Stewards for making these members welcome and finding room for them as much as possible. 

   Looking toward the future, the Waterfront Committee has also asked Bill McSherry to take depth soundings in each slip and the surrounding areas before the season comes to a close. This is simply to give us a baseline for future dredge considerations. We have also been in contact with the marinas along the river to "spread the word" that if they are considering a dredge, our Club may be willing to join forces with them in an effort to help keep the costs down for all of us.  

   We are also looking to replace the dinghy ramp and to possibly build a "Steward Station" at the foot of the dock ramp. This station would not only be a "post" for our Stewards, but would also serve as a storage area for waterfront tools and as protection for the bubbler system pump.


Jeff Merrill
Vice Commodore, Waterfront Committee



   The Ways & Means Committee recently met to review the Club's social activities for the year. We've been graced with enthusiastic attendance at all of our events except for two. The Ladies Luncheon has struggled with finding a date that doesn't conflict with graduations and a time that allows the ladies to still go to church. The Committee decided to give that event a break for awhile. We are considering replacing it with a Meet a Maine Author and Enjoy a Warm Stew event that might be more appropriate for the cold Ropewalk in May. Watch the 2012 Social Calendar to see if this event materializes next year and if we come up with a shorter name for it...  

   The Father's Day Brunch also had surprisingly low attendance this year. The Committee decided this was just a fluke and so will continue this typically popular event next year. We hope members will again choose the brunch as a way to recognize Dad next year.

   For the rest of this year's events it's been Wait Lists and members spilling out onto the deck! This prompted a discussion about when guests can/should be included and if the number of guests should be limited. The Committee concluded that it's impossible to make one hard and fast rule that applies to every event. So we will continue to include information in our event announcements as to the maximum number of members per event and if/how guests will be included. We encourage members to read the event announcements carefully, RSVP early and be respectful of the club's guest policies. 

   Finally, the ever-creative Heather Bruhl has offered to organize an event geared to families with young children next summer. The Committee agrees with Heather that the younger our members get used to having fun at the club, the more likely they are to become active members as adults. Watch next year's Social Calendar to see what Heather comes up with! 


Jane Hecker-Cain
Ways & Means Committee 




   The Membership Committee had a very active summer. In June we started the "New Member Cocktail Party" with the class of 2011. The response was outstanding with over 100 in attendance and showed that our new members are not afraid of a little hard work. It was a great success for ingratiating our new members into the club. 

   Over July 4th weekend, we held our Orientation Meeting at the Ropewalk. Our 2012 prospective new members were introduced by their sponsors to the Membership Committee and the Board of Governors. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know the candidates and to share with them the Club's History and Mission. These people have been fully vetted by the Membership Committee as people who are committed in sharing the Vision and the work of the AYC. We initiated a New Member packet this year that was distributed to the candidates with helpful information and guidelines.

We present to you the AYC New Member Class of 2012

Junior Members moving to Full Membership:
Bailey Rogers  James Merrill  

Boat Owner moving to Full Membership:
Robert and Jane Forsberg


    During the summer all the prospective members were urged to attend as many AYC functions with their sponsors as possible and introduce themselves to fellow members. The Membership Committee invites your comments regarding our new members until September 1st. At the Annual Meeting on September 18th, these candidates' names will be read as individuals who have been approved for full membership. In October they will receive their Initiation Fees and in January be billed for their dues at which point they will become full standing AYC members.
   Please direct any comments to my attention and I will share them with the other members of the Membership Committee. It has been a pleasure to serve as the Membership Chairperson this year.


Heather Bruhl
Membership Committee




   By the time you read this, another successful Junior Sailing season will have ended at AYC. Although we did not have record numbers of sailors this summer, all of the classes were full or nearly full. For the third year in a row, a remarkable number of Opti 1 (beginner) sailors registered for at least one session and typically two or three sessions. A steady flow of beginner sailors ensure that the pipeline stays full for intermediate and advanced sailor registrations. This season has been the first in several that have had significant numbers of advanced students sailing our 420 fleet!
   It is important to recognize that through its sailing program, AYC is providing our community members an affordable way for their children to get exposed to the lifelong sport of sailing. We are clearly in a demographic "gap" in our membership as the large majority of junior sailors are from the local community rather than from our membership. Thankfully, AYC has a long list of Junior Members that will eventually bring young, new sailors to our terrific sailing program.
   Many thanks to Shannon Boyle, Mary Egan, and Sam Scribner for their hard work and great attitudes while creating a successful Junior Sailing program at AYC.


Claire Julian & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing Committee




   We have enjoyed some fun evenings on the water so far this summer. Thursday nights are set aside for time on the water and getting to know fellow members. The 420's have been out racing with all boats being used. Participants are looking forward to one more race before the end of the season. Casual adult sailing in larger boats had a great evening this past week with fair winds and kind seas.
   Power boat night was a new event this year. We had a good time on a perfect summer evening over at Stage Harbor. Thirty-five people enjoyed time spent on the shore having drinks and dinner as we watched a lovely sunset. Bill McSherry and Sharron Eastman ferried us and all of our gear to and from the shore and also arranged to have the grill available for us to cook dinner. Many thanks for their hard work. I think this will be an annual event.
   I would like to thank all of the boat owners who have shared their boats so that more people can enjoy being together on the water.


Anne Gould
Adult Sailing Committee




   Due to a bad weather forecast, the 2011 Boon Island Race was moved from Saturday, June 25th to Sunday June 26th. In what initially appeared to be a windless day, the wind magically arrived about 10 minutes before the race start. It was a very tight group at the start with nine boats vying for the start line. Nobody yielded and no one got hit either, and off they went.  

The committee boat synchronized their second hands and the fleet was off. The upwind leg provided good 10 -12 knot winds. Voodoo and Defiant were first to round the mark, followed by Kanaloa, Blueprint, Ziggity, Blu, Black Mallard, Night Music and, lastly, Barcarolle.
   The downwind leg back to the Kennebunkport bell had all boats flying spinnakers and/or wing and wing jibs and mainsheets in somewhat lighter winds.
   Based on corrected PHRF times, first over the line was Voodoo, skippered by visitor Jake Maloney, followed very closely, in second place, by Defiant, skippered by Rob Benson. Blu, skippered by Jack Somers, finished a very commendable third.
   An enjoyable gathering back at the Club followed the race and clearly wrapped up a great day by all participants.


Peter Hatch
Boon Island Race Committee




   The Founders' Day Race again proved to be a wonderful day of sailing, fellowship, and competition between new and old rivalries, with stories of the day's events and past times at AYC. It left us all with the realization of how fortunate we are to enjoy such a beautiful club with all its rich history.   

   We had seven boats participate this year. Sam Scribner raced his 16' Herreschoff (which I understand will be equipped with a spinnaker next year). Kevin Cain in Mariko, Jack Somers in Blu, Bill Wade in Morningstar, Peter Hatch in his new Bristol 41, Blueprint, Mark Tuller in Kanaloa, and Charlie Barker in Barcarolle completed the racing fleet. A special thanks goes to Bob Scribner in Clairann and John Fraser in Widgeon and their crews for being the race committee boats. We had about 30 people join us, some first time sailors, and the start was based on handicap with the slowest boat starting first to the fastest last. It was a race that took about 2 ½ hours and every boat finished within 9 minutes from first to last. Blueprint took the honors, with Kanaloa second, and Mariko coming in third. Everyone enjoyed a light fare on the deck with awards following.
   Pete Graesser, who skippered Blueprint, and Bob Badger, who was at the helm of Kanaloa, ribbed and humored one another setting the competitive tone for next year's race. This will be something to look forward to and the challenge is on.


Mark Tuller
Founders' Day Race Committee




   AYC former Commodore Don Lloyd passed away in July. He was 98. He was Commodore during the Club's silver anniversary in 1982. During his leadership there were many dock and house improvements, including the expansion of the deck and addition of a barbecue for all the members and their families to enjoy. He was father to Judy Merrow and grandfather to Kate Nelligan.




   Please be sure to visit the "For Sale" page on the Arundel Yacht Club website: 
   Here you will find a changing list of interesting nautical items offered for sale by fellow members.  To list your own - non-commercial - marine item, please e-mail or phone Mark Paquette at 967-4170.




   This shrimp appetizer won Debbie McGrath first place at the New Members' Cocktail Party in June, and she would like to share the following recipe with the Membership.


Coconut Shrimp

Preheat oven to 400°
1 cup Mayonnaise
3 Tbs. Apricot Preserves
1 tsp Curry Powder
24 Jumbo Shrimp
3 Eggs
¼ cup Cornstarch
¾ cup Flour
Salt to taste
1 ½ cup Toasted Coconut

The first three ingredients, mayo, preserves, and curry are the sauce; mix then chill.
Dip shrimp into eggs then flour mixture, eggs, then coconut.
Bake on cookie sheet (I line with parchment paper) 10 minutes, turn, 10 more minutes.



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