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We were blessed with another nice day to close the Ropewalk up for the season. Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up to help. The close-up seemed to get done at record pace this year with the good weather and many hands.
I will say my first year as Commodore of Arundel Yacht Club is going to be very busy. I refer to it as a year of change.
At this year’s annual meeting it was announced that dockmaster Chris Audley is retiring after twelve years of service. Chris has taken great care of our Club for all these years and put in countless hours both at the Club and away, attending to details that many members aren’t even aware of. His knowledge and hard work will be missed. I personally look forward to seeing Chris and Lois finally enjoying the Club to relax this summer. Thank you Chris for all your hard work!
The BOG has formed a sub-committee to define the position for the next Club manager employee. We will be accepting applications and resumés over the next few months, and hope to have a new employee hired by early 2011. We encourage members to refer any applicants they may know, since our membership can be the best advertisement to fill the position.
I would like to also thank Mark Paquette and Doug Leonard who retired this year. Both of them added so much to our board over the years and will be missed. Welcome to the new board members: Bill Wade, treasurer, Debbie Tuller, secretary, and David Bois new board member. Welcome aboard!
I would also like to thank Ann Marie Somers for all the time she has donated to the Club working on the beautiful gardens over the last eight years. There has seldom been a day that she has not been at the Club attending to the gardens. Cindy Clement has volunteered to head up the garden committee, and I am sure there is room for volunteers.
Another long-time volunteer who is stepping down from the house committee is Gail Preble. Gail has years of service at the Club in various committees and been a true example of what difference an active member can make. The house committee will be co-chaired by Bev Keough and Patti Owen.
Another change at the Club this season is the reinstatement of BYOB to many events at the Club. The board spent hours researching the best way to accommodate members, to be compliant with our liquor liability policy, serve liquor legally, and to best protect the Club from a liquor liability incident. In order to accomplish this and not change the whole atmosphere at the Club,  we will go back to the original BYOB. Please see the social calendar and further explanation from Ways & Means.
So as you can see, it is a year of many changes at AYC;  new dockmaster, new treasurer, new secretary, new garden, house and membership committee chairs, new liquor policy, and even some changes to the social calendar. Therefore, I feel this is the year for our membership to really become involved in the Club. We all joined the Club, knowing it is a volunteer Club run and maintained by our own membership. So please, if you have not been involved at the Club, try and find a way to become a more active contributing member at the Ropewalk.

Amy Bath



This past season was one to be remembered weather-wise, and we can only hope for a repeat next year! Following a successful fall clean-up, our docks are in good shape and ready to take on the winter. We recently invested in a new bubbler system for the dock area closest to the bulkhead. It will protect the docks and pilings from freeze ups. We should hope that this new system will give us the “life” of our previous system -- which was installed by Bob Tuller more than 25 years ago.
Winter renters will occupy seven of our slips. As a reminder, all members are eligible for winter slip storage at the Club.
The Waterfront Committee will be meeting after the holidays to review waterfront needs, including assessing the condition of dock segments and continuing our discussion about the need for dredging.
Slip renewals will be mailed in January, along with membership invoices. If any members are not renewing their slips or are interested in slip changes, due to upsizing or downsizing, please notify me by e-mail (  When reconfiguring the slips, we look at slip holder modification requests first, then at the waiting list. Members on the long wait list should verify that the boat they own and would want in a slip is the boat on the wait list application. The committee uses the applications to best match the vessel to the slip available.
Any questions, concerns or input on the waterfront are always welcome. Just call, e-mail, or send me a note.

  Jeff Merrill
  Vice Commodore, Waterfront



As I take over the helm of chairperson for the membership committee, I would first like to thank David Emery for all his hard work the past two years as chairman. He has been extremely organized and dedicated in getting new members processed.
 This year we welcomed two junior members, Ashley Baker and Eric Lindgren along with Edward and Patti Bibber, Brian and Debra McGrath, Ryan and Kara Glad, John and Jean Bailey and Joe and Patti Chick Tynan. Glad to have you all aboard.
As our new committee convenes, we will continue to improve on ways in which participating sponsors and new members get involved with the “working” part of the club. Our goal is to recruit solid new prospective members who are active boaters and enjoy the club’s atmosphere. We currently have 11 junior members on the waitlist, along with four boat owners and two non-boat owners.
If you have any questions or would like more information on our membership process, please contact me.

Heather Bruhl
Membership Committee



As you know, this was my first year as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee and I want to take this opportunity to once more acknowledge Kavin and Ginny Moody for doing such a great job the 6 years before me; it made the transition quite seamless.
I’d like to thank the members of the Ways and Means Committee who include Susan Benson, Heather Bruhl, Joyce Camp, Kim Chilton, Leslie Lindgren, Kavin and Ginny Moody, Lori and Durward Parkinson and Ferd and Mary Wyckoff.
My final thank you goes to the various event planning committees – both to the lead couples and the committee members themselves. I encourage you to personally thank the people you see named in my articles throughout the year for the time, effort and creativity they put into our events. I’m happy to report that several new members were involved in event planning this season while others who have been members for years also joined planning committees for the first time.
There will be one change for sure in next year’s social calendar and that is the discontinuation of the joint AYC/KRC Cocktail party. This decision was prompted by the River Club whose board deemed the event too expensive to continue. There was some similar sentiment on our part so we’ve accepted the idea readily. Now the two clubs will meet to look into other joint ventures that will serve the same purpose of demonstrating our friendly relationship, but will not cost $4000 a year! Again, we are open to suggestions and encourage you to think about this and pass along your ideas to a committee member.
There is one new event the committee is considering for next year. We thought we’d have an event that is hosted by the incoming “Class of 2011” i.e. the new members who become official next summer. We’re thinking this is a good way to get them to experience the fun of planning an event, get them used to the Rope Walk - where everything is, where everything goes - and to plant the seed of active involvement right from the start. Watch next year’s calendar to see how this develops.
In conclusion, I’ve had a great time as chair of this committee and look forward to the fun seasons to come.

Jane Hecker-Cain
Ways & Means


BYO is Back!

Depending on how long you’ve been a member, AYC is going to have either a new or an old feel come 2011 as it returns to a policy of Bring Your Own Bottle/Booze/Beverage/Pick-Your-Own-Favorite-B-Word for most social events. I thought I’d give you a heads-up on which events will be BYO and which will have a bartender. 
Please plan on BYO for the:

• Spring Pot Luck - Saturday, April 30 
• Chicken Barbecue - Friday, June 24
• Mid Summer Pot Luck Party - Saturday, July 30 
• Annual Golf Tournament/Pot Luck - Friday, August 26
• Fall Harvest Party - Saturday, October 15
Plan to leave your bottles at home for the:
• Ice Breaker - Saturday, March 5
• Ladies Luncheon - Sunday, May 22
• Up Anchor Saturday - Saturday, May 28
• B.O.G Lobster Bake - Saturday, August 20

You’ll be reminded of this again on each event’s announcement but, while you’ve got the dates in front on you, why not jot them on your 2011 calendar. 



This year we had three lovely nights of sailing in members’ boats. We had a few first time participants as well as some more seasoned sailors. Many thanks to our members Charlie Barker, Peter Hatch, Robert Scribner, Jack Jenson and Peter Donovan for sharing their passions for sailing with other members. The cookouts back at the Club are always lots of fun. Next year we may try a power boat night just to mix it up a bit. We might go over to Stage Harbor for a cookout on one of our Thursday evenings if we use power boats. I am sure that the Casual Adult Sailing nights will be back next summer.
Adult racing just did not happen this year. We had three evenings scheduled and weather or lack of available skippers kept us off the water. The 420s are not ideal for adults due to their small size and the quick reaction time required for racing. We do have adults that want to race, but often scheduling is difficult. Next year I would like to consider inviting some of the older teenagers and young adults to participate.
I would like to thank Dave James for organizing the Boone Island Race and Mark Tuller for setting up the Founders’ Day Race.

Anne Gould
Adult Sailing Committee



 The 2011 Boon Island Race has been scheduled for Saturday, June 25. The Skipper’s Meeting will be held at 8:30 AM with a 10:30 AM race start time. As usual, the race will be preceded by the Chicken BBQ on the evening of June 24. Mark your calendars now!
   Potential entrants: Consider this an early warning so that you have plenty of time to plan for and schedule the launching of your boats prior to the race date. In 2010, we lost a couple of boats because they were not in the water in time to compete in the race. I’m hoping to have at least ten boats participate in 2011.

Dave James
Boon Island Race Committee



As the 2010 season finishes, the House Committee is pleased to report that three items from the House Long Range Plan have been completed. The purchase of new, lightweight, folding tables, the purchase of new silverware, and the purchase of replacement canvas for the director’s chairs were accomplished. (The old silverware was donated to Caring Unlimited for their Women’s Shelter facilities.)
The House will be co-chaired next season by Patti Owens and Bev Keough, two veterans of the House Committee.
A big Thank You to all the folks who worked inside cleaning and winterizing the kitchen and the Club at the fall work day. It was colder inside than outside that day!
Wishing you warm memories of the summer season and a peaceful and healthy holiday season.

Gail Preble
House Committee



Chris Audley would like to particularly thank the people who helped prepare for the hurricane that never got here. It was hot, humid, exhausting work done on short notice, and we are all grateful for the effort put in to ensure that our marina and our boats would be safe if the storm were to have affected us. Unfortunately, the list of the names of those workers has disappeared, but: Thank you all!!!



The Club regrets to announce the passing of two of our longtime members, Mary Handlen and Chet E. Homer, Jr.



Many thanks to these members who pitched in to help wrap up another great season at our Club.

Durward Parkinson
Mark & Cynthia Paquette
Bill Wade
Lloyd & Marti Hess-Pomber
Kevin Wade
Dan Beard
Mona Brewer
Jens & Gui Yun Bergen
Bev Keough
Tom & Sara Sinclair
Ann Gould
Amy Bath                                                                       
Vicki Benenti
Peter & Lisa Hatch       
Jeff & Patti Merrill
Dave Emery
Jack & Ann Marie Somers
Scott Dombrowski
Bruce Schmidt
Heloise Strickland
Patti Owens
Phil Ludwig
John & Karen Stoma
Charlie & Annie Barker
Richard Perry
Dean Johnson
Kathy Guay
Lesa Kraft







Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?

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Jenne James, Editor


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