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Now that the Ropewalk has been closed for another season and most of us have completed our winterization projects, it’s time to reflect on last year and look forward to the next season. We celebrated our 50th anniversary this past year and I would like to thank everyone who was involved and apologize if I have missed anyone. The 50th committee consisted of Chairman Tim Hussey and members Peter Hatch, Martha Hussey, Bob & Bussy Badger, Cecil & Ann Benson, Mark & Debbie Tuller, and Arleen Jensen. Along with their support groups, they all did a wonderful job. A special thanks to Debbie Tuller, Sarah Beard, and others who worked on the cookbook, and to Tim Hussey, Peter Hatch and Dave James who did a fantastic job on both the slideshow and the DVD. Arleen Jensen and her group managed the very successful Founders Dinner and Mark Tuller organized the Commodores Cup race. Thank you all for making this such a wonderful year. Also we must recognize those founding families and those members who have been there since the beginning. Thank you for your foresight and the sacrifices you made in order for us and future members to enjoy The Ropewalk and all that it offers.
I would also like to thank Leslie Lindgren & Tom Kling for their years of service on the board. Both have stepped down after serving the Club for many years and have agreed to continue with a few of their roles. If you see either Tom or Leslie please take a moment to thank them for all that they have done for us and continue to do. Also I’d like to welcome Anne Gould & Jeff Merrill to the board. Anne served on the “ad hoc” membership committee, and for the past 3 years has served on the membership committee. Jeff has been involved with many functions and has been a willing resource to us for many years. Welcome aboard Anne & Jeff! All the members of the board look forward to working with both of you.
This winter the board will be meeting on a monthly basis as usual but will change our format slightly. As discussed at the annual meeting we will focus on committee growth. There is no better way for members to be involved with the Club than to become part of one of our committees. With more members the workload decreases and is certainly much more enjoyable. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any interest in serving on one of our committees, which are listed in the yearbook.
Pete Donovan
This past year we replaced the roof of the Ropewalk with red cedar shingles. Once the old shingles were removed, we found the understructure to be in very good condition. (Thank you to previous building committees!) Before the new shingles were installed, a membrane was put down which will allow the shingles to “breathe,” extending their life.
For 2008 we plan to replace the three sliders on the west wall and the trim surrounding them. The existing sliders have served us well but are showing signs of wear. We also plan to “flip” the deck boards and seal them. After input from members, we investigated the condition of the deck boards’ undersides and found them to be in good shape. Some boards will be replaced due to cracking but most will be reused. The supports for the seating and the setting that goes around the perimeter of the deck will be replaced with new materials using the same design for the seats. We expect to get another five or more years out of these boards, will begin to look at appropriate materials and designs for future deck replacement.
This year we expect the Building Committee to be much more active as we begin to look at future capital projects, both internally and externally. As always, if you have interest in being involved with our committee, please let me know. Thank you!
Pete Donovan
Building Committee
After a season that got off to a slow start, the docks are now snow covered, slippery and lonely; there are only two sailboats wintering over this season. I am heartened by the plethora of volunteers who finally came forward to offer their services to the new Waterfront Committee. Of course, as the yacht club season closed down, my focus has shifted away from the sea and towards the long neglected yardwork and now what could be a great ski season so this committee has not yet had a formal meeting. Not to worry though, soon after the New Year starts we will all start to think once again about boating in Maine and I will adjourn the first formal meeting of this committee. I look forward to this new volunteer involvement from our membership and know it can only bring more improvements to the waterfront of AYC. If any of you have ideas, concerns, or issues you feel appropriate to the Waterfront Committee please take the time to drop me a note, dial the phone, or send me an email - all inputs are welcomed since this committee is a new initiative and we want to get started in the right direction. Happy New Year!
Bob Scribner
Vice Commodore, Waterfront Committee
This was indeed a very active year for social events at AYC. The Club’s 50th anniversary was the driver for a number of functions, some new and some renewed from years past. In the renewed category, we started with the Sail Around in April. Holly Johnson did a great job of dusting off the protocol and getting everyone seated at a table somewhere. Then the 50th anniversary banner showed up in May and graced the Rope Walk rafters until it was moved to the front of the building to welcome Club founders and a lot of senior and less senior members to the gala events on July 21st. It was a terrific celebration year and the 50th Committee deserves accolades for all of their special attention to historical detail and recognition of the Club’s founders.
Continuing with the renewed events, finally the moon and stars aligned right for the first recreation of a Stage Harbor Cookout in many years. The good news is that it was a very nice day and the people who attended all had a great time. However, turnout was very low and it’s likely that the event will be dropped next year. Thanks to John Dickenson for doing a fine job with the weather and organizing the day.
Still on the newer side, Family Bingo, Ladies Luncheon and the Junior Member/Guest dance were all held again this year. Attendance at some of these events was rather modest and Ways and Means is evaluating them for continuation and/or modification. The Fishing Derby/Pot Luck was also lightly attended and we are planning some changes (date change, invite KRC to participate, format change) to revive the event. Some people may be interested in knowing what the attendance was this year for some of the larger “regular” events: Octoberfest (85); Ice Breaker (65); Spring Pot Luck (70); Up Anchor (103); Father’s Day Breakfast (100); Boon Island Chicken BBQ (145); July 4 BBQ (65); BOG Lobster Bake (95).
As always, we all owe our thanks to every individual who participated on event teams and to event leaders who organized the teams. Event leaders this year included: Heather & Tim Bruhl, Holly Johnson, Anne Hussey, Leslie & Carl Lindgren, Kim Chilton, Sarah & Dan Beard, Tom Kling, Debbie Reid, John Dickenson, Milda & John Fraser, and Ginny & Kavin Moody. The entire 50th Anniversary Committee also deserves high recognition for a job well done. A special thanks to Arlene Jensen and Lori Parkinson for organizing the AYC Founders Dinner.
Kavin Moody for Ways & Means
Committee Members: Leslie Lindgren, Kim Chilton, Anne Hussey, Joyce Camp, Susan Benson, Debbie Tuller, Ferd Wyckoff
Membership Dues
Membership invoices will be mailed in early January. Payment in full is due March 1. Payments received after March 1 will be assessed an automatic late payment fee of $50.
As per AYC By-Laws, Article IX, Sections 9.4 and 9.5: “The annual dues shall be payable March 1st of each year. Other indebtedness to the Club shall be payable within thirty days of receipt of written notices. Only memberships in good standing with all dues, entrance fees, assessments and other indebtedness fully paid shall enjoy all the privileges of membership. The name of each member who has not paid the annual dues or other charges by the 1st. day of May in any year shall be posted on the bulletin board of the Club; in the event that such dues and other charges are not paid on or before the 1st. day of June thereafter, such membership shall be dropped from the membership of the Club at the discretion of the Board of Governors.”
Dock Fees
Invoices for member assigned dockage will be mailed in early January. Payment in full is due March 1. Dockage not paid in full by March 1 will result in loss of member’s assigned dock space, at the discretion of the Board of Governors.
Social Events
Payment for social events is payable by cash or check, in full, at the door. “No shows” will be billed for full amount.
In the past, invoices and payments have been delayed due to incorrect addresses. Please make sure that we have your correct mailing address (Contact Doug Leonard with any changes.) Also, please be sure to use the correct address when mailing payments:
Treasurer, Arundel Yacht Club
P.O. Box 328
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
A Membership Update sheet will be included in the membership renewal mailing. The changes that you submit will be included in the 2008 Yearbook. Please help us keep the Yearbook accurate.
We are still looking for members to join the Jr. Sailing committee. The sailing program is a big task for one or two members to run. Anyone interested in being involved in this active program should email me at
The University of New England in Biddeford leased three 420s this fall for a club sailing program. They had a beautiful fall to sail and a successful program. We are hoping to form a connection with the University to build a bank of instructors and promote youth sailing in the area.
We will be actively looking for Sailing Instructors this spring. If any member knows of any qualifiedinstructors, please contact me. Our enrollment usually begins in April. Any member with children or grandchildren interested in sailing can access our application through our website:
Amy Bath & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing
On Saturday, September 1, Kanaloa, skippered by Mark Tuller and crewed by his son RJ and brother-in-law Turner Hansel and his son Stephen won the Windsong Trophy. The race was sponsored by the Biddeford Pool Yacht Club and included 20 sailboats. This is their premier annual race that included Tango, a 65 ft. race machine which is actively campaigned in the national race circuit, Capella, a Sabre 48, a 51ft. Swan, an Ocean 40, to mention a few. It was a 14-mile race with wind gusts to 32 knots. It was a reverse handicap start so the first boat over the finish was the winner, and Kanaloa won by a boat length beating out Tango in the final stretch. Kanaloa and crew were graciously treated throughout the whole event, including the award ceremony and fish chowder. Biddeford Pool hopes to expand the field of racers and invites any AYC member to join in the fun next sailing season.
Thank you to the following members who came and worked hard to help prepare the Club for winter:
Jens Bergen
Mark Paquette
Betsy McMaster
Dan Beard
Bruce Schmidt
Tom Kling
David Smith
Gui Yun Bergen
Cynthia Paquette
Philip McMaster
Sarah Beard
Jill Schmidt
Dave James
Pete Donovan
Bob Scribner
Scott Woodward
Ann Marie Somers
Joyce Camp
Debbie Tuller
Jack Jensen

Jeff Merrill
Mary Ellen Woodward
Jack Somers
Ted Cam
Pat Kolosowski
Ferd Wyckoff

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Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting:
Leslie Lindgren
22 Longwood Drive
Kennebunk, ME 04043
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Cookbooks are available for sale and we hope that all AYC members purchase at least one book. They will make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Contact Debbie Tuller at 967-2327. Cookbooks will be available at AYC social events and can also be purchased at Marlows, Port Lobster, and Federal Jacks.
Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?
Please contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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