Lubber's Log
Fall is upon us and it is soon to be winter, but before you know it, April will be here and we will be opening the Club.
I want to thank everyone that helped on Work Day to prepare the Club for winter. The Club is in good shape. There is a great deal of activity currently going on.
Chris Audley has been making sure that everything is functioning well at the Club.
Pete Donovan and Keith Jacques are working to secure our dredging permit. Pete is also making sure that our wonderful Club House is well cared for.
Kavin Moody is already planning for the Ice Breaker in late February or early March.
Bob Scribner is working hard to make sure that the flotilla of boats is well cared for and the new members are prepared for their first year.
Amy Bath is already organizing for junior sailing next summer.
Jack Jensen is working diligently to keep us on financial track.
Doug Leonard is making sure that we are fully informed of what has transpired during our meetings and other activities that happen to go on during the course of the year.
Leslie Lindgren has organized all of the merchandise and is handling the sales as well as keeping the house in terrific order.
Tom Kling is anxiously waiting for calls for this year's rentals.
And Tim Hussey is keeping me in check and continuing to provide great support to me.
Also thanks to Jenne James for putting together the Lubber's Log.
So if you see them around, you may just want to say thanks. Winter Well and Happy Holidays.
David Pickering
Slip Owners & Waiting List Updates:
We will be sending out update forms for slip owners and those on the waiting list. We will be requesting proof of insurance for slip owners and a photo of your boat listed on the waiting list. The photos will assist us in assigning slips as efficiently as possible. These forms will need to be received by the end of November so that we can start the year with an accurate wait list.
Peter Donovan
Vice Commodore
During the ’05 season, the new membership requirements were initiated and implemented in two phases. During the first phase, four new members were invited to a fun and beneficial introductory meeting with the Membership Committee and their Sponsors in early May. Subsequently, they were welcomed into the AYC during the annual Pot Luck Dinner.
In June, another four prospective members plus one “graduating” junior member met with the Membership Committee and thus began their season long introductory period with the club and its membership. These members were officially offered membership into the AYC during the Annual Meeting and all have since accepted.
The new changes to the new membership procedures have been well received and new members as well as current members have spoken favorably of the new process. It certainly gives everyone a better opportunity to meet and get to know the new members.
Going into the new season we still have a healthy list of applicants waiting to be offered membership. Any sponsors who have not yet signed and returned the new Sponsorship Guidelines should do so as soon as possible to prevent any delays in membership
Bob Scribner
Membership Committee Chairman
I reported earlier in the year in the Lubber’s Log of our interest in re-establishing a Ways & Means Committee to assist the Board by providing critique and suggestions for social programs. As hoped, the membership has responded and I am delighted to report that we now have a Ways & Means Committee with seven members. The committee currently consists of Kavin Moody, Leslie Lindgren, Kim Chilton, Anne Hussey, Joyce Camp, Susan Benson and Debbie Tuller.
We have met two times since August and have made great progress in assessing the state of our social programs and exploring ways that the club can improve in meeting the interests and expectations of our members. The committee has reviewed trends in event attendance, studied the results of the 2004 Membership Survey, reviewed event financials, and discussed our own thoughts and observations along with feedback from the BOG.
In general, the Committee believes that the current schedule of events substantially meets the interests of the membership. We also have caveats and suggestions for improvements and additions that we would like to put before the membership. These include:
» Drop the Family Day event - insufficient interest.
» Allow limited numbers of guests at Up Anchor and BOG Lobster Bake based upon space availability as of announced cut-off dates.
» Add new events including a Mother/Daughter luncheon (May), a dance for pre-teens (June), and monthly Sunday night bingo with potluck (June, July and August).
The Ways & Means committee also recognizes that we need to increase the number of volunteers to manage events. One suggestion from the Membership Committee that has already been endorsed by the BOG is to assign volunteer duties to all new members and their sponsors. The Membership Committee has now incorporated this suggestion in the new member process.
Another suggestion is for the Ways & Means Committee to have a “host event” in the early spring to facilitate volunteer sign-up and orientation. In regards to these ideas and others we request that members talk with the members of the Ways & Means Committee about your ideas and suggestions. If you would like to become a member of the committee or attend the “host event” please let any of us know.
I have one final item. A perplexing problem discussed by the BOG and the Ways & Means Committee is the increasing trend for members to respond very slowly (late) to event sign-up. This causes problems with ordering food, beverages and volunteer staffing. If anyone has a creative way of addressing this, please let us know!
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
The 2005 Boon Island race originally scheduled for 26 June finally took place 27 August. Full Race Results here...
Jack Jensen
After another great Junior Sailing season, there has been a very significant change in the program. As of the end of ’05, Reef Sports & Capt. Eric will no longer be available to manage and provide instructors for our program. After several years of wonderful and much appreciated support to the AYC sailing program Capt. Eric has decided to pursue other marine activities.
So yes, this is a big change but it also provides the club a true opportunity to bring the Jr. Sailing program to the next level of instruction and sailing competition. AYC is committed to its Jr. Sailing program as it embodies everything the club espouses and is an excellent vehicle to get our younger members involved with sailing and at the same time develop a love for the ocean and boating.
As of right now we are seeking sailing instructors for the 2006 season. If you would like to recommend someone please contact either of us as soon as possible. We’ll be uncovering our boats before you know it!
Amy Bath & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing
The house and grounds are in excellent shape. The flower boxes and gardens were especially lovely this year. The flower committee did a beautiful job. Chris Audley and our AYC Stewards, Allegra Spalding and Chris Foster did a great job of maintaining the Ropewalk. It is always a pleasure to be greeted by such nice staff.
The stewards’ current addresses are as follows:
Chris Foster
19 Highland Ave
Suite #1623
Plymouth NH 03264
Allegra Spalding
Bowdoin College
Smith Union
Brunswick ME 04011
Rentals were down this year, but general club use was increased. More members used the sign up calendar. This helps Chris and the Stewards and other members plan seating for the evening. There were no new major purchases for the house this year and only a few kitchen essentials were replaced.
Thank you to all the members who took dish towels home after use and washed them. Too many cooks never spoil the broth at AYC!
Gail Preble
Leslie Lindgren
It won't be long before I start assembling the 2006 AYC Yearbook. I’m in pretty good shape for pictures, but I do need a few shots taken at the AYC Potluck on October 1st and the AYC Octoberfest held on October 15th. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend those two events.
If anyone has a few good digital pictures, please e-mail them to me at You can also mail photos to me at POB 629A, Kennebunkport and I’ll scan them into the computer. Many thanks.
Dave James
I have just received a new shipment of:
Navy Polar Fleece vests $35.00 ea.
Navy Polar Fleece long sleeve zip $40.00 ea.
sizes S-M-L-XL
Also available:
polos on SALE for $12.00 (assorted colors and sizes)
A.Y.C. mugs 4/$10.00
BURGEES $16.00 and $18.00
Leslie Lindgren
Our annual end of season clean up was held on Oct 22. Thank you to all who attended:
Pete Donovan
Ben Bath
Dave Emery
Mike Severance
Leslie Lindgren
Kevin Cain
Peter Hatch
Jill Schmidt
Colby Donovan
Amy Bath
Mark Paquette
Jack Somers
Lloyd Pomber
Bob Scribner
Joyce Camp
John M. Fraser
Bill Bath
David Wagor
Cindy Clement
Ann Marie Somers
Marti Hess-Pomber
Sam Scribner
David Pickering
Nick Bath
Bob Burns
Anne Gould
David James
John Dickinson
Lisa Hatch
Beverly Soule
Note, due to the timing of the tide, the 420’s couldn’t be hauled that day. Thanks to those dozen members who showed up Nov 12 to get the job done!
Chester J. Dunham, Jr. passed away on December 8. He was a decorated veteran of World War II. Chet had been active with many civic organizations. Our condolences go to his wife, Ellie, and to his family.
Robert S. Ludwig passed away on November 30. Bob was also a veteran of World War II. He served as commodore of the Club from 1963-65. Bob was also active in the community. Our condolences go to his son Philip and to the family.
The Arundel Yacht Club was talked about and dreamt about for a year or so before a couple of us decided that it was time to "fish or cut bait.” So we started to get serious about it.
We wanted the club to be modest, made up of members of moderate means (which we were), to have access to the river for our dinghies and to eventually educate our numerous children (we were repopulating the town I think) in the ways of the water and teach them sailing.
In our search for access, we came up with a few possibilities. We were able to procure a 5 year lease on a piece of land on the river and abutting Ocean Avenue just above the Lords Creek bridge. We made plans to put out a pier and small float at this location. We petitioned the town for a license to construct the pier but we were turned down; the town thought we would create a parking problem even though we had off-street parking 100 yds. away.
In the meantime we looked at the Chas. Agnew pier (now the Arundel wharf, I believe). We contacted Mr. Agnew and by the end of the summer had worked out an arrangement to lease the end of his pier, which was eroding into the river then. We put a ladder down to a float and we were in business. Eleven members at first. Twenty soon after and after a membership drive we had about fifty members. That was our beginning, in the Spring/Summer of 1957.
Bob Badger
Any comments or news that members would like to see included in future issues of the Lubber’s Log would be welcome! Please feel free to contact me at or 967-4448.
May you all enjoy the winter season!
Jenne James
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