Lubber's Log
As usual, I am stunned by the speed with which summer passes into winter. But as anyone who has watched winter gradually lose ground to spring knows, change is good. And change is what your editors and board are proposing for the Lubber’s Log. Since Patty and I took over the Log almost three years ago, under the direction of Bob Burns, we have wanted to take this important method of communication in a new and more efficient direction. The process of getting copy to the printers and then putting together a bulk mailing is arduous. On the other hand, e-mail and the internet provide an instant method of communication with many additional features that we feel will enhance the log immeasurably -- for example, the addition of a more dynamic layout and color photos to keep members connected with the club’s activities even when they are unable to attend. And what a lovely record these logs will begin to create for our children and grandchildren to consult in the future!
Please don’t feel intimidated by this change. If for any reason you need assistance in accessing the log when it is released, always feel free to call Patty (967-0041) or me (967-3113) for help. Please see Doug Leonard’s memo below for more information.
Enjoy the quiet season!
Fall is upon us and it is soon to be winter, but before you know it, April will be here and we will be opening the Club.
I want to thank everyone who helped on Work Day to prepare the Club for winter.
There is a great deal of activity currently going on.
Chris Audley is busy at work building the new main train for the docks. I am sure that we will need volunteers in the early spring with help replacing the current main train. Please let Peter Donovan know if you would be interested.
Pete Donovan and Keith Jacques are working to secure our dredging permit. Kavin Moody is already planning for the Ice Breaker in late February or early March. Bob Scribner is prepping for new members that will be initiated into the Club this Year. Amy Bath is already organizing for junior sailing next summer. Jack Jensen is working diligently to keep us on financial track.
Doug Leonard is making sure that we are fully informed of what has transpired during our meetings and other activities that happen to go on during the course of the year.
Leslie Lindgren has organized all of the merchandize and is handling the sales. Tom Kling has jumped right into his new position and volunteered his services. Gail Preble, even though she is off the Board, is still helping out with rentals. And Tim Hussey is providing great support to me during my transition to Commodore.
So if you see them around, you may just want to say thanks.
Also another thanks to Susan McLaughlin and Patty Merrill for putting together the Lubber's Log.
Winter Well and Happy Holidays.
David Pickering
Starting with the next Lubber’s Log, those members for whom I have an email address will receive their Log vie email. You can either open it as an attachment or go to the Yacht Club website ( If you want hard copy just print it out.
This is a cost saving method. We will save on printing costs, postage and it will cut down on the time it takes to handle the mailing.
If you have an email address but haven’t given it to me I wish you would. I send out all notices with blind copies so no one else knows your address. This would also save money on the twenty or so event notices sent out each year. There would be considerable savings.
You can give me your address by sending it to: or call me at 967-4104. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.
Doug Leonard
I am happy to report that AYC had another very successful program of social events in 2004. Thanks to the help of many dedicated club members, our events were well managed and feedback from the many members who attended was very positive. The backbone of the Arundel Yacht Club is volunteerism and I want to express my gratitude to all of the event teams for doing their customary fine job. It’s also gratifying to see how many members “pitch in” when extra help is appropriate.
At the last BOG meeting we discussed the expansion (re-creation?) of the Way & Means Committee. Without any significant issues or changes in mind, we believe that it is an appropriate time to review our social events and a small committee is being established to help with this process. Leslie Lindgren, who just joined the Board this September, volunteered to join me on this committee and we will be looking for some additional members over the winter. Anyone interested in volunteering to join this committee should contact Kavin or Leslie.
One of the tasks of the Ways & Means Committee is to staff our social events. Many event managers and teams continue their great work year after year. But changes and new opportunities do arise and it is always helpful for us to know about members who are interested in managing or working at events. Again, a call to Kavin or Leslie would be welcome.
Sometimes small things make big impacts. We are especially pleased with the positive reactions to the use of name badges at all social events this past year and we look forward to buying a big supply for the coming season!
Our next event will be the Ice Breaker!!!
Have a great winter.
Kavin Moody
Philip Davis passed away this past August. Our condolences are extended to his wife, Sally, and to his family.
Charles Bassett passed away on November 6. Our condolences go out to his wife, Kitty and to his family.
On June 20, 2004 Judy C. Trepal and Thomas C. Davis were married. The ceremony took place atop Carter Dome in the White Mountains and was witnessed by their chocolate lab - Sam!
Once again an army of volunteers pitched in to get our club ship-shape for the winter. Many thanks to these dedicated volunteers:
Dave Wagor
Ric Walters
Cheryl Walters
Walker Donovan
Colby Donovan
Peter Donovan
Jack Somers
Dave James
Bob Badger
David Pickering
Monica Noyes
Roz Magnuson
Anne Raynor
Shirley Leach
Donna Costello
Jack Jensen
Dave Emery
Rkiya Noyes
Chris Magnuson
Richard Perry
Tom Kling
Cynthia Paquette
Mark Paquette
Jenne James
Max McNally
Jeff Merrill
Ben Strickland
Steve Jacobsen
Chet Dunham
Bill Wade
Anne Gould
Art Leach
Debbie Tuller
Scott Dombrowski
Carol Standish
In closing, please give careful consideration to this request from the Memorial Committee:
The Memorial Fund needs your help. As a condition of getting our building permit for renovations and repairs to the front entrance way, AYC was required to make permanent changes to improve the handicap accessibility of the building. Acknowledging that we are overdue in providing a proper handicap access to the Ropewalk, we readily agreed to complete this before the opening of the ‘05 season.
The entrance way renovation is complete and not only is it structurally sound, it has improved the appearance of the Rope Walk. It is now time to address the commitment to handicap accessibility. A design has been presented and approved by the B.O.G. on 12/03/04 which installs a ramp at the south end of the building. Additionally, an enlargement of the south side “deck” area allows for a wheel chair to maneuver freely. By adopting this plan, we also add to our outside deck space and it includes a lovely shaded sitting area with a spectacular view of the river.
In order to build a visually appealing structure that is friendly and functional as well as long-lasting, the total expense will be $3,600.00. This includes not only the ramp and deck but also a new sliding door. The Memorial Committee has accepted financial responsibility for these changes as it feels it is an appropriate expenditure of funds.
Currently the Memorial Fund has a balance of $1,361, or short by $2,239. The request is simple: Please remember the Arundel Yacht Club and its past members by donating to this very worthy cause.
Jack Jensen
Wishing you fair skies and following winds,
Patty Merrill
Susan McLaughlin
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