Lubber's Log
As this will be my last Commodore’s Message for the Lubber’s Log, I would like to thank the membership and the Board of Governors, both past and present, for their continued support. It has been an honor to serve as your Commodore for the past two years. Celebrating the Club’s 50th anniversary last year was a special time for me, our membership, and especially those who were able to reflect on the past.
Once again the season has flown by. While the weather was a challenge, we have created some great memories again this year. The Junior Sailing program had another successful season and the adults enjoyed the annual Boon Island Race. As usual, our social events were many and entertaining. We hosted The River Club at the annual AYC/KRC cocktail party, which was a success thanks to our many volunteers. The BOG lobster bake was also enjoyed by our membership, and with the skies parting just in time to serve dinner, confirmed what a special place the Arundel Yacht Club is.
I look forward to seeing everyone at our annual meeting this September. There’s still time to enjoy the club, so make it a point to come down for dinner or just enjoy the river.
Pete Donovan
The summer has been quiet on the waterfront this year. The rains of late July and early August slowed the boating down to a crawl as so many of us chose to do other things instead of attempting a sail or a picnic in Stage Harbor. On the upside, with the quiet dock activity, the Dock Stewards were able to undertake a nice maintenance project, flipping the boards on the Ropewalk’s deck. Many marinas down the coast reported a similar level of slowness in July with a pick-up of cruisers in August. Since mid-August, the weather has been terrific and many club members have been out enjoying the wind and water as well as getting in a few days of cruising.
There haven’t been any finger piers replaced this season as yet, but the finger pier for slips T03/05 is scheduled to be replaced this fall. There have been a couple of repairs made to the docks - a leaking plastic float under one finger pier was replaced and a water line in the upriver corner of the “U” dock was repaired.
The summer weather is winding down now, but hopefully we will all get a chance to enjoy some clear, crisp fall days on the water.
Bob Scribner
Vice Commodore
Except for the Annual Meeting and Octoberfest, by the time this is published, the AYC 2008 social season will be history. If you didn’t make it to any of our events yet this year, you missed some great times. But as they used to say about the Red Sox, there is always next year! A few events are worthy of brief comments.
First, the Spring Pot Luck was very well attended and this was likely due to the guest speaker, Bob Brennan, US Coast Guard Auxiliary District One Historian (also Leslie Lindgren’s father). His topic was medical evacuations at sea with actual rescue films.
This was the third year for the Ladies Luncheon and attendance was the best yet at 40. Looks like moving it to June when it is warmer was a good idea.
The July 4th BBQ was poorly attended (again) and we will likely remove it from the schedule next year and thus make the club available for interested families to have their own private gatherings.
Finally, AYC hosted the joint cocktail party this year with KRC members as guests. Attendance was around 220 combined members and the food, drink and conversation were all greatly appreciated! Some are still shaking from the cannon fire announcing the arrival of the KRC Commodore by boat.
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
The membership committee has been very active this summer, interviewing and meeting with the prospective new member families who will be joining AYC next year. If approved, the following members will become active members in January 2009.
Three junior members will be moving up to full membership in their own right:
     Ashley Rogers
     Brooks Pickering
     Hannah Preble
The following folks will be joining us from the Boat Owners list:
     William Lowell
     Charlie and Annie Barker
     Elizabeth and Stephen Horan
     Mark Messer and Elizabeth Carlson
     Michael and Anita Carroll
     Susan and John Smart
The Non-Boat Owners new members will be:
     David and Patricia Parr
We have met with these prospective new members and feel confident that they will all become valuable additions to our club. The Membership Committee will accept comments from the general membership of the Arundel Yacht Club until September 1, 2008. Please direct any comments to my attention and I will share them with the other members of our committee.
Jack Rogers
Membership Committee
Natalie Graesser recently passed away. Our condolences go out to Pete, Susan and the rest of her family.
The Junior Sailing program has had a busy summer. We have exposed a lot of new young sailors to the waterfront this year. We changed our schedule to run on a two week program compared to a four week program. This seemed to allow more children to try their hand at sailing.
We have struggled with the weather, as has everyone, but our instructors have taken advantage of every possible moment to be on the water. Our advanced class sailed on a day where we received at least 4 inches of rain. Wind, waves, and lots of water provided a memorable day on the ocean.
The Junior Sailing program is planning to do some repairs and overhauls on the boats this winter. If anyone has time to donate, or would like to make a small financial contribution towards the necessary inventory and maintenance, please contact Amy Bath.
Amy Bath
Junior Sailing
The 2008 AYC Boon Island Race was held on Saturday, June 21st. View the complete race report here...
Dave James, Anne Gould
Adult Sailing Committee
The House continues to see lots of activity, and even some very rainy weather has not kept members from enjoying both quiet and lively socializing at the Ropewalk. Some reminders to keep things running smoothly for everyone:
• Do not leave beer, wine or any alcohol overnight at the club. Several times each week, any open and/or unopened alcohol will be removed from the fridge.
• Calendar Use: Please post your name, the number in your party and the time you will be using the club (start to finish) on the appropriate date. Set up should occur during this time.
• Social Use Guidelines, House Rules, Cleaning/Closing Instructions are posted above the calendar.
• Laundering of dirty dish towels is greatly appreciated!
• Please consider using the dishwasher, as it can actually be a conservation measure. The instructions are as follows:
Use auto cycle only
Close door - do not latch
Press on fill switch (rinse temperature should reach 180°)
Add detergent (in cupboard to right of dishwasher)
Load dishes and latch door
Cycle starts (wash temperature will now come up)
When cycle light is off, cycle is done (only takes about 2 minutes!!)
There will be rinse water left in dishwasher
Remove dishes, add soap and repeat
Push drain button after last cycle only
AYC Merchandise maybe purchased from the Stewards during their regular working hours or contact Leslie Lindgren at 985-2608 or Enjoy the Club and the rest of your summer!
Gail Preble
House Committee

Small Burgee $18.00 $15.00
Large Burgee $20.00 $16.00
Fleece vests $30.00 $30.00
Long sleeve fleece $40.00 -
Fleece vests $30.00 $30.00
Polos $28.00 $27.00
Denim shirts $24.00 $20.00
Sweatshirts $42.00 -
Bistro mugs - $4.50
50th napkins - $1.00
AYC napkins $3.00 -
AYC caps $13.00 -
AYC bucket hats $13.00 -
Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?
Please contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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