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What a summer it has been – warm, sunny, breezy, hardly any fog and even less rain! The sailing has been terrific and the Founder’s Day Regatta was one for the record books with strong winds and brilliant sunshine. In addition, we could not have asked for a more ideal evening for the AYC/KRC Cocktail Party.
Along with all the great fun on the water and in the Ropewalk, your Board of Governors has been working hard learning about liquor licensing in Maine and deciding what the best strategy will be for Arundel Yacht Club. Wading through the various types of licenses, understanding the characteristics of each and subsequently identifying which license would be most advantageous to our club has not been a simple or straightforward task. In fact, there has been more than one false start along the way but we have not wavered from our goals – compliance to state liquor laws, adherence to the club’s liquor liability insurance, and perhaps equally if not more important, keeping the social atmosphere of the club as unchanged as possible. We have made some physical changes to the Ropewalk in order to come into compliance with the Department of Health and the Fire Regulations, but we did not want to have to alter the friendly, free use of the club that is so much part of being a member of AYC. To restrict any member from having a cold beer on the deck after a great day of sailing seemed unthinkable to us!
We have reached the conclusion that the best direction to take our club will be to return to the days of “bring your own” for the majority of social events. This strategy will be supported by utilizing one-day BYOB licensing, a license in effect for the specific day of an event. This is a cost effective approach ($10 per event) as well as simple to plan and administer. For large and more formal events we will continue to use a catered bar service. This change will not only bring AYC into compliance with liquor laws but with our insurance requirements as well. Given that Ways & Means Committee has organized and scheduled services for the remaining events of the season, this change will be initiated next year. The Board of Governors sincerely hopes that all of you can see the advantages this provides and will support this change. Lastly, please remember it is incumbent upon ourselves to drink and behave responsibly while enjoying the club, whether at a club social event or at an informal evening barbecue.
This is a serious subject and I hope I have been able to articulate clearly the decisions that have been made. Please feel free to call, write or stop me in the parking lot if you have any questions or concerns.

Bob Scribner


Ways and Means

Are we a social bunch or what?! Attendance has been excellent at all of this year’s events with some requiring waiting lists. Perhaps even more significant is how many members – both new and longtime – have been involved with the planning, execution and clean up for each event! The host couples tell me they’ve had no trouble rounding up enthusiastic, creative and hardworking committee members and I think we’ve all seen the results.

Some new ideas that seem to have taken hold this year are:
• Place cards for saving seats. No one seems to miss tipping chairs to save a place!
• BOG greeters for the AYC/KRC cocktail party. Who doesn’t love a receiving line?
• Registration outside when weather permits. No more bottlenecks at the door!
• Pre-printed name tags with the AYC logo. New members Karen and John Stoma started
this, but lucky for us, Ferd Wyckoff is also ready with his distinctive handwriting to make
tags for those who RSVP a tad late.

With an eye toward always improving, the Ways and Means Committee has decided that next year we will push the time back on the Ladies’ Luncheon to allow churchgoers more time to attend. We will also check the local high school graduation schedules to see if we can avoid a conflict. In addition, we want to add an event that is hosted by the incoming “class” of new members. Watch next year’s social calendar for this new excuse to get together and have some fun.
Looking ahead to the rest of this season, first I’m sorry to report that there will not be a Family Bingo Night - unless a member steps up to organize one :-)  Carl Lindgren is our go-to person for the Golf Tournament (8/20) and the BOG can’t wait for the annual Lobster Bake (8/21). We don’t really want to think about summer ending but if it does, the Cain/Jensen/Parkinson Trio will serve the chowder at our Annual Meeting (9/19) and  Jill and Bruce Schmidt are poised and ready to host the Fall Harvest Party (10/16).
And finally, I’d like to end with a few reminders on proper “etiquette” for AYC social events.  Please keep these in mind for all future events!
• RSVP on time! The host couple and their committee really need to know accurate numbers!
• Pay by check. It makes record keeping so much easier.
• If you bring guests to a potluck, remember to either ask them to bring a dish as well, or
increase the amount of food you bring to include them. The buffet table got so empty at
our recent Caribbean Night, the committee did not get anything to eat. We certainly don’t
want that to happen again.

Jane Hecker-Cain
Ways & Means



This year AYC has 11 openings for new members. Accordingly, your Membership Committee is privileged to present the following persons as full-member candidates, Class of 2011. These folks began formal processing for membership starting with Orientation Meetings at the Ropewalk early this summer, where they were introduced by their Sponsors and personally met with representatives from the Board of Governors and Membership Committee. The purpose of these meetings is to get to know and share with the candidates our working-member boating Club History, Vision and Mission. These folks have been fully vetted by your Membership Committee as nice people & families who have openly committed themselves to sharing in the work of the Club and the continued well-being of AYC as a boating Club. 
During this summer all members are urged to take the opportunity to get to know these candidates by introducing yourselves as they visit the Club as guests of their AYC Member-Sponsors.  Your Membership Committee invites your comments to any of our members until the end of this summer.  Barring changes by September 1, the names of each of these candidates will be read at our AYC late September Annual Meeting as individuals who have been approved for full AYC Membership as members of the Class of 2011.  This October they will be billed their Initiation Fee, next January they will be billed for their dues, and when fully paid they will join us as full-standing AYC members.


Junior Members moving to full Membership -
Kristen Preble
Ashley Baker
Eric Lindgren
Lindsey Johnson 
Boat Owner wait-list Candidates moving to full Membership - 
Edward & Patti Bibber
William & Kathleen Bergen
Ryan & Kara Glad
Brian & Debra McGrath
John & Jean Bailey
Joe & Patti Chick Tynan                                                                                                                                                                                           
Non-boat owner wait-list candidates moving to full Membership - 

Steven & Leslie Josselyn-Rose

Dave Emery, Chair
Membership Committee


Junior Sailing

It is a recipe for summer success – warm and sunny weather, steady breezes, and many excited kids. Compare this year’s weather to last season and it is not hard to see why Junior Sailing has been so well attended this year; nearly all classes have been filled to the maximum. We have had returning sailors and new sailors coming from all over, and although most are local residents, a good number have been summer kids as well. Overall, this Jr. Sailing season will probably close as the best attended season in several years.
Shannon Boyle, the Sailing Director, has been a big hit with the kids (and the parents too) and has elevated the level of instruction, keeping the kids continuously engaged in learning the art of becoming a sailor. For the first time in three years, a few of the more intrepid sailors have taken the opportunity to participate in MIRC regattas, including one hosted by AYC in August. With our great instructors and so many excited junior sailors this season, the next few seasons should shape up to be equally successful.

Claire Julian & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing


Adult Sailing

Breezing along with Adult Sailing at AYC
This year we are enjoying evenings of casual adult sailing on members’ boats. As of this printing, we have just one more evening available on Thursday, August 19. No experience is required.  We usually leave the dock at about 5:30 PM and return to the club to enjoy our own picnics on the deck about 7 or 7:30. Please e-mail Anne Gould at if you are interested in going out for a sail. We do need to know how many people and boats to plan for each evening. This event is open to adult members.
The last Thursday night race will be held on August 12th. The club owned 420s are towed out the river and the short courses will be set by Shannon, our sailing instructor. Sailing experience is required for these events. If you are interested and would like to crew, we can probably pair you up with another Skipper. Please e-mail Rob Egan at if you are interested in racing on the 12th. Let’s hope for good weather and clear schedules so that we can have some fun!

Anne Gould
Adult Sailing Committee


Boon Island Race

The 2010 Boon Island Race began like many past races, with questionable weather and a forecast for light and variable winds. Nevertheless, the six skippers who turned out for the race opted to go for the full Boon Island trek, a straight line round trip distance of 26 miles. Anticipating the wind direction and the need for tacks, the race likely would entail some 30-35 miles with a minimum of 6-7 hours of sailing.
The race kicked off at 1100 hours with Bob Scribner’s trawler, Clairann, serving as Committee Boat. Assisting Scrib as crew were Doug Leonard, Jean Bailey and Dave James. The start of the race was picture perfect with fair skies and southwest winds of 10-12 knots. Since the weather was uncertain, it was agreed that a radio check would be made at 1300 hours to decide whether the race should go the full course to Boon Island or terminate at a weather buoy off Cape Nedick. With decent winds and no sign of rain, the skippers voted to stay the course to Boon Island.
Needless to say, the wind was fickle. The faster boats made it around Boon Island and most of the way back to Kennebunkport before it died off almost completely. Unfortunately, four of the boats were too far back to make it to the finish line by the deadline of 1800 hours and had to start their engines.

The official results of the race with corrected times were:

First Place
Defiant Rob Benson 5 hours, 14 minutes, 47 seconds

Second Place
Voodoo Jake Maloney 5 hours, 23 minutes, 57 seconds

Blu, skippered by Jack Somers, Dawn Patrol, skippered by Peter Hatch, Tessie, skippered by John Bailey and Shadow, skippered by Bob Steeves all were caught in dead wind and forced to motor back to the club. Since there was no official third place finisher, the four trophy glasses normally awarded for third place were presented, one each, to the skippers of the four boats that were unable to complete the race. Following the race, all participants enjoyed drinks and refreshments arranged by Susan Benson. Many thanks to Susan Benson, Bob Scribner, Anne Gould & Jack Jensen for their help in organizing the 2010 Boon Island Race.

Dave James
Boon Island Race Committee


Founders Day Race

This years Founders Day race was held on Sunday, July 18th. It brought eight boats and 50 people. The course was 10 miles starting and finishing at the Kennbunkport Bell with Bob Scribner on Clairann as race committee boat. Bob has been valuable as the committee boat captain every year and we appreciate his time. Jay Howard contributed this year by captaining his new boat Blue Angel and being the second mark which was located 3 miles out to sea. The next mark was rounding Cape Porpoise Bell then back to the finish. We tried a different format of a "Pursuit Race" where the slowest boat starts first and the fastest last. If everyone sails their handicap, all boats should finish the same time. All who were involved liked this format and we plan on doing this next year. The competitors were Jack Jensen (Zazza), Durwood Parkinson (Legal Ease), Charlie Barker (Baccarolla), John Lamb (Ariel), Peter Hatch (Dawn Patrol), Peter Donovan (Night Music), Dan Beard (Black Mallard), Robbie Benson (Defiant), Mark Tuller (Kanaloa). The seas were flat and it was a clear warm sunny day with winds ranging from 8 knots to 30 knots. The race started at 11:00 am with the first boat, and all boats returned to the club house by 2:00 pm for a light fare, stories, and awards. Thanks to my wife for hosting the after race party. Kanaloa with Bob Badger on the helm, and Dr. Richard Perry, Dean Johnson, Matt Tuller and myself as crew finished first. Robbie Benson, second place, and Dan Beard and family, third place. This is a race for all who want to be assigned a boat and enjoy a nice day on the water. There were many first timers and we all had a good time fostering sailing, boating, and fellowship.

Mark Tuller
Founders Day Race Committee


From the House

Many club members and guests are enjoying the wonderful weather of the Summer of 2010 by dining and entertaining at the Rope Walk.  What a beautiful and peaceful place to be!
The House Committee has ordered new silverware for the club and it is on the shelf!  It is for every day use, and is quite costly, so please do not remove any of the new silverware from the club.  Also new in the kitchen are plastic and glass salad bowls, glass salad/dessert plates and heavy plastic cups for melted butter.  All are dishwasher safe.
Some reminders to keep things running smoothly for everyone:
• Do not leave beer, wine or any alcohol overnight at the club.  Several times each week any open and/or unopened alcohol will be removed from the fridge.
• Calendar Use:  Please post your name, the number in your party and the time you will be using the club (start to finish) on the appropriate date.  Set up should occur during this time.
• Social Use Guidelines, House Rules, Cleaning/Closing Instructions are posted above the calendar and on the website.  Dish washer instructions are in a frame sitting on the paper  towel dispenser above the counter.
• If you are the last to leave the club in the evening, please empty trash cans next to stove and on the other side of the counter to eliminate odors.  Kitchen trash bags are in the cupboard to the right of the dishwasher and the large heavy-duty trash bags are in Locker D.
• Laundering and prompt return of used dishtowels is greatly appreciated!

Please enjoy the club, leave it in better condition than you find it and remember that it is not the stewards’ responsibility to wash, dry or put away any of our dishes.  Enjoy!

Gail Preble
House Committee


Of Note

After some eight colorful years coordinating the annual and perennial plantings at AYC, Ann Marie Somers is happy to pass this function on to another member beginning next spring. She thanks her committee of eager and able volunteers, especially Susan Graesser, Beverley Soule, Cindy Clement, Leslie Lindgren, Judy Trepal-Davis, Mary Lou Smith and Gui Yun Bergen, plus many others who pitched in on spring and fall clean-up days.
Ann Marie is extremely grateful to the membership for their numerous positive comments on the summer flowers. In addition, Mother Nature deserves a standing O for providing the summer fog and  humid nights that make gardening at AYC such a rewarding experience.
In leaving the landscape volunteers, Ann Marie would particularly like to recommend one fabulous idea that Mary Lou Smith came up with several years ago that we have yet to act on. The old (woody and otherwise unattractive) shrubs: yews, forsythias and lilac on the waterside of the Ropewalk should be pulled out and replaced with hydrangeas. The latter would form a beautiful, flowering hedge seen to great advantage from both the River and the deck. The right variety would stay low and so not need trimming, nor would they obscure the view of the docks and River from the deck.
Again, Ann Marie thanks everyone for their support and here’s to great new ideas for the planting beds and boxes at our yacht club.


Memorial Fund

Generous contributions to the Memorial Fund have allowed the recent purchase of four new Adirondack chairs and two matching tables. This new lawn furniture, made from durable, long-lasting materials, will provide many years of enjoyment for all Club members.




Don't forget to attend our
Annual Meeting and Chowder
on Sunday, September 19!
Followed by
The Fall Harvest Party on Saturday, October 16,
And Clean-Up Day on Saturday, October 23.





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