Lubber's Log
The night of July 21st was a real opportunity to celebrate 50 years of experience in our Club. The founders, charter members, and all past commodores were honored. 150 people attended a wonderful dinner, and good times were had by all, as we reflected on the values and memories over the years. A wonderful slide show played continuously of members and memories over 50 years, and a video was shown that featured many of the original members sharing the beginnings of the Club and what it meant.
We even had an AYC trivia contest that had many members guessing... Thanks to all who worked to make this event, and to all who came and shared in the celebration. And a special thanks to the founders, charter members, and past commodores who have helped make this a wonderful 50 years.
1st Founders’ Cup
As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, a new race tradition was begun - the Founders’ Cup. Five boats went across the starting line, on a 10-mile race, in a light to moderate northerly. The downwind start was exciting, and a couple boats went off course in search of the turning mark (John Fraser's boat Widgeon). Kanaloa ended up 1st to finish and 1st on corrected time, with Mariko 2nd and Blu 3rd. Crewmembers looking to experience racing showed up at the Club and were recruited or assigned to a boat. Kanaloa ended up with some of the most "experienced" crew - Bob Badger, Cecil Benson, and Bill Reoch. Bob Badger donated a new perpetual trophy which will be on display at the Club with Kanaloa’s name will be on it. Crewmembers of the winning boat received handsome paperweight trophies.
A good first year, one we hope will repeat many times.
Tim Hussey
Anniversary Committee
The 2007 season got off to a slow start due to the poor early weather, and most slips remained empty until the end of June. They eventually filled in, and now those who cruise are finding the time to head downeast for a few days or weeks. The docks are in excellent condition and most weekends there has been plenty of activity there. Contrary to most years, the dinghy dock still has room for a couple more dinghies to tie up.
The launches used for the Jr Sailing program are in good repair and running well this summer. The Jr Sailing fleet has been reduced in size by two 420's. One was sold early in the summer and the other is still for sale. If you know anyone who would like to buy a worn but complete Club 420 sailboat, feel free to send them my way. This boat needs to be sold is not expensive - asking price $500.
In the last Lubbers Log I asked for volunteers in order to form a Waterfront Committee. I have been approached by only two members with the interest and desire to participate. This is a very disappointing response considering the participatory nature of the Arundel Yacht Club; our great club cannot function without volunteers. It is hard to understand why anyone would pass up this wonderful opportunity to get involved in probably the most important aspect of the club. If you'd like to learn more, call me.
Bob Scribner
Vice Commodore
By the time this is read we should be about 75% through the busiest social calendar in the recent history of AYC. The celebration of the Club’s 50th anniversary has inspired a lot of special activity and set a unique context for a wonderful year of enjoying the Ropewalk and the company of our membership. The Ways & Means Committee congratulates and thanks our members who have participated in the delivery of all of our AYC events. There are 21 social events on the calendar this year and we offer them as the equivalent of a 21-gun salute to the founders of AYC.
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means Committee
The House is in great shape this summer. Chris, Patrick and Conner have done a wonderful job of watching over the House. The stewards have expanded their hours and stay as late as 7pm during peak summer hours.
There are some House issues worth mentioning in this newsletter:
We thank members for using the sign up calendar with more regularity. Please remember to limit your party to 20 people per event as anything more would be considered a club rental. For club rentals, please contact Tom Kling at 967.5190. The parking lot is for members’ vehicles, not guests’. Your guests should be asked to park off property to leave parking spaces for members.
The large grill is working nicely this summer after repairs to the starter. We ask that you brush the grills after use to clean them. Please do not leave food residue on the grills for the next person to clean.
The refrigerator icemaker is broken and has been disconnected.
We've had several problems with the toilets backing up this summer. Please be cautious when using large amounts of toilet paper, and flush more than once if necessary.
On a VERY appreciative note:
The gardens and flower boxes are especially gorgeous, thanks to Ann Marie Somers and her 'garden fairies'. Ann Marie has spent many hours at the club with weekly garden maintenance. She is a very experienced gardener and we are so fortunate to have her beautifying our House. Thank you Ann Marie!
Here's looking forward to the rest of a beautiful summer of 2007 at AYC.
Leslie Lindgren
Gail Preble
House Committee
The Jr. Sailing Program has had a busy summer. We have had approximately 40 students on the water this summer. Our new instructors, Justine and Matt have been a pleasure to work with. We hosted our annual MIRC Regatta at the Club on August 1. It was well attended with over 50 sailors. It was a joy to see the club alive with young sailors. I would like to especially thank Dave Emery for volunteering with Catch 22. He donated a full day on the water to the Jr. Sailing Program! THANK YOU MR. EMERY!
We are looking ahead to next season, and seeking more members to join a committee for Jr. Sailing. Please contact Amy Bath if you are interested. Once again, I encourage our young membership to come join the fun of the Jr. Sailing program
Amy Bath
Junior Sailing
The 2007 Boon Island Race was one for the books! For a change, bright sunshine and a WNW wind of 10-12 knots welcomed the ten boats that showed up for the start of the race at 10:40 am, June 24.
Full race results here...
Dave James
Boon Island Race Committee
MEMBERSHIP The Membership Committee conducted its annual introduction meeting earlier this summer at which time we met with the three prospective families who are in line to join the Arundel Yacht Club in 2008. Our committee consisted of Dave Pickering, Kavin Moody, Gordon Ayer, Amy Bath, Anne Gould and Heather Bruhl. We would like to propose the following candidates for membership to AYC.
Bill and Kathy Guay - Sponsored by Joe and Heidi Maynard. Seconded by Dean and Holly Johnson as well as Tom and Vickie Benenti.
Ed and Susan Jaccoma - Sponsored by Bob Scribner. Seconded by John Frasier & Milda Castner, and Eleanor Scribner.
Rick and Patty Dempsey - Sponsored by Tim Hussey. Seconded by Pete Donovan and Gail Preble.
The committee is very excited about the three families and we are confident they will be valued additions to our club. In accordance with our bylaws, we are open to your comments. If any members have thoughts on these three prospective families, please contact me directly at 985-7604 and I will share your feedback with our full committee. Any objections must be submitted to me prior to September 1, 2007.
AYC membership guidelines are based on accepting four boat owners out of every five new members. For a point of reference, the Guays are coming from the “Boat Ownership” list and submitted their application in July 2003. The Dempseys are coming from the “Non Boat” list and have had their application completed since November 2002. Presently, we have six applications on the Boat Owners list, five on the Non Boat list and best of all, we have 10 Junior Members who will become Regular Members when they reach the age of 26. If you have any prospective new members who are interested in joining AYC, please feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to send you all the guidelines and applications electronically.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Jack Rogers
Membership Committee Chair
Past Commodore
AYC polos - $12.00 (limited colors and sizes)
AYC Navy Polar Fleece vests - $35.00
AYC Navy Polar Fleece long sleeve zip - $40.00
AYC hats - $15.00
AYC burgees - $16.00 and $18.00
AYC mugs - $3.00each or 4/$10.00
AYC cocktail napkins - $3.00/125
Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting:
Leslie Lindgren
22 Longwood Drive
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?
Please contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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