Lubber's Log
The Arundel Yacht Club is a special place to be enjoyed by all members. The Club is in great shape and the new improvements, the main train and the north deck, look fantastic. Certainly we should thank Chris Audley for his work on the new docks and Correctdeck for the generous contributionNew Deck of the decking for the new deck, as well as the members who contributed to the Memorial Fund. Without this support we would not have been able to complete these projects.
Volunteering to help out is critical to our continued success. As I look at the volunteers for events, I tend to see the same people offering their time to make sure that the events go off without a hitch. It is important that other people step up to the plate and volunteer to help out at these events. In the end, one will find that it is not that difficult and quite rewarding.
I continue looking forward to seeing everyone enjoy the Club this year and as always, do not hesitate to ask questions and provide your opinions to help make the Arundel Yacht Club even better than it is today.
David Pickering
DREDGING UPDATE: Currently we have joined with a number of others on the river to proceed with soil testing. Once we receive the results, they will be forwarded to the Army Corp of Engineers for approval. We hope to be part of a group that dredges this winter. Joining with others should make the project more appealing to contractors, saving us time and money.
DOCKAGE: We have had 4 slips transferred this season, which is a welcome sight to anyone on the waiting list. We are in the process of making our slip usage as efficient as possible. If you are on the waiting list, please stop by and update your information. It is very important that we have the correct information. We also would appreciate it if you would enter your boat details, such as beam, draft, & length over all.
Last year as part of our replacement of the main entry, we agreed with the town’s request to provide handicap access to the Ropewalk. This spring we completed the installation of a ramp and deck on the south end. Funding came from the Memorial Fund, and Correct Building Products donated the composite decking material. When you are at the Ropewalk next, be sure to take a look at this addition - it is a great spot for a quiet dinner or smaller gathering.
Pete Donovan
After an extended wait due to the one year new membership moratorium, the Membership Committee would like to welcome four new members for 2005:
• Mark & Kristen Moody
• Tim & Wendy Good
• Michael & Cheryl Magalski
• Harold & Mona Brewer
Also, under the new & improved membership procedure, there are four prospective new members who have met with the Membership Committee this summer and are under consideration for membership in 2006. You should have an opportunity to meet these potential members around the Ropewalk this season, as their sponsors will be bringing them to social events so they can experience the Arundel Yacht Club in action.
• Jenne James - Bob Badger, David James, Frank Handlen
• Warren Kennedy - John & Carol Standish, Richard Bibber, Geraldine Waterhouse
• Kevin & Jane Cain - Susan Graesser, Jack Jensen, Jack Rogers
• Wayne & Catherine Adams - Lloyd & Fran Robinson, Chester Dunham, Richard Bibber
Bob Scribner
Membership Committee Chairman
For a while, we were beginning to believe that all of our social programs this year were going to feel like the Ice Breaker! But, the weather finally came about and this is being written in the wake of the Independence Day BBQ that could not have been held on a nicer summer day. By the time this Lubber’s Log is issued we will be well along in our schedule of social events for the year and from all accounts members who have attended events have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It can’t be said enough… our social events are the products of great teams of AYC members and we want to extend our gratitude to everyone who contributes.
We have noted somewhat lower attendance this year at Up Anchor, Boon Island Chicken BBQ and the July 4th BBQ. 4th of JulyHistorically these are very popular and they all turned out to be great events for those who came, which leaves us somewhat puzzled by the lower attendance. Also, more people than normal have been calling very late to sign up for events. Many of us think it’s just an anomaly of the year. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know (967-5542).
In a prior issue of the Lubber’s Log, we discussed the reestablishment of the Ways & Means committee, and I am pleased to report that in addition to Leslie Lindgren, Anne Hussey and Kim Chilton have agreed to assist on this committee. A key purpose of the committee will be to review our social programs and to provide inputs to the BOG on Ways & Means subjects, including attendance trends. This will be discussed more at the Annual Meeting, September 25.
Enjoy the rest of the season!
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
A donation has been made to the Memorial Fund in honor of, and with congratulations to, Peggy and Dana Kingsley in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. The AYC congratulates Mr & Mrs Kingsley and thanks the donor for their contribution.
Jack Jensen
Treasurer AYC
George C. Scribner recently passed away. Our condolences to Annette and to his family.
Due to lack of wind and an abundance of thunderstorm activity, the June 27th Boon Island Race had to be postponed. Lack of WindThe rescheduled date is 27 August 2005. Entry forms will be accepted up to the morning of the race. The Skippers’ meeting will be at the Ropewalk at 0830, and the starting gun is scheduled for 1030. All sailing vessels young or old with crews experienced or not, are welcome to join in this annual Boon Island Sailboat Race. It’s a Club sponsored fun race. More info here...
We are also looking for a volunteer with a good-sized boat to act as the committee boat. If you have one and would like to spend the day on the water on the 27th, please contact Jack Jensen.
The August session of Junior Sailing has a few remaining openings. If interested, please contact Amy Bath: 967-8427 or
Summer is going fast, and we are all trying to get as much time on the water as we can. Thursday nights on the 420s are a fun activity, and we would love to see more adults and kids take part.
Some AYC members are looking to rendezvous in Penobscot Bay in early August - contact Tim Hussey, Pete Donovan, Bob Scribner, or Peter Hatch if you will be on your boat in the region.
Tim Hussey
A reminder to all members to please speak with Chris Audley before removing any AYC property from the premises. This includes kitchen supplies, tools and/or dock equipment. Would the person(s) who "borrowed" the 3 adaptor plugs (at $45.00 a piece) from the dock please return them. They are needed to plug in the electric pump to bail the boats at the dinghy dock. Thanks much!
The 2005 AYC Yearbook was mailed out this past May. Emphasis this year was on including more pictures of more events. And, for the first time ever, a full color cover.
As usual, committee reports, calendars and regulations were updated as were members’ names, addresses, phone numbers and fleet ownership. The most significant change was to the Application Procedure for New Members. If you haven't already done so, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new procedure.
Finally, if you have any pictures of goings on at the club and would like them to be considered for inclusion in next year’s yearbook, please send them to me. Digital pics are preferred and can be e-mailed to me at
Dave James
AYC Yearbook Committee
From now on, the Lubber's Log will be sent via email to those who have it.
I’d like to bring you up to date on the Club’s use of email. Overall, it is working out well. We have more and more members using it. As you know, we are encouraging the use because it cuts down on expenses and saves on volunteer time.
However, from time to time, I get reports that a member may not be receiving the emails. I do get notices from my server when an email can’t be delivered and I do follow up to check out the problem. Apparently, there may be other reasons which I don’t know about, possibly a filter may be blocking it. If you are not getting emails, please let me know directly by calling 967-4104 or emailing
We certainly want you to have information on events so that you can actively participate. If we can’t solve the problem, we will happily place you back on the hard copy list.
Doug Leonard
Any comments or news that members would like to see included in future issues of the Lubber’s Log would be welcome! Please feel free to contact me at or 967-4448.
Smooth sailing,
Jenne James
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