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The Arundel Yacht Club is a special facility and Club to be enjoyed by all members, and its success depends largely on the volunteer efforts of us all. As activity and use of the Club grows, it is important that all members respect our culture of safety, courtesy and respect. As such, the Board of Governors has outlined General Membership Responsibilities. I would appreciate if you would take the time to review and consider. Please click here to read. The guidelines have also been posted at the Club.
Tim Hussey
Hopefully many of you were able to enjoy the AYC/KRC Cocktail Party hosted by the Kennebunk River Club at their riverside club house this year. Since this event has an alternating schedule, AYC will be hosting in 2004. Don't forget the annual BOG Lobster Bake on Saturday, August 23.
Due to dwindling attendance, the Stage Harbor Cookout has been replaced by a new event called "AYC Family Day." This event will be held at the Ropewalk Saturday, August 30 and has been designed for full family participation! There will be rowing and sailing races for all ages, contests of all types, and other fun activities. The goal is to fill up the AYC with members of all ages, kids to grandparents, for a family afternoon of laughs and fun. Come spend the afternoon at the Ropewalk and make this newest event a big success. The announcement should be in your mailbox very soon.
As a continuation of Family Day, AYC will host a "Big Boat" race on Sunday, August 31. This race will be short and designed as a fun race to include all sailors (boat owners or interested crew) of our club. The race will be run as a "Poker Hand" race. This means a card will be given to each skipper in the order in which they round a mark. The sailor with the highest hand will be the winner. Interested boat owners and those who have never been in a race and would like to crew should contact Jack Jensen at 967-2888 or for more information.
Bob Scribner
Captain Scott Akerman has been conducting Adult Sailing Lessons since the middle of July. Scott is a licensed captain with a life time career of sailing and teaching. He has logged numerous Atlantic crossings and has taught more than 3,000 people how to sail, including teaching the blind. Ask any AYC member who has participated in his class, and they will tell you, how lucky we were to have Scott as an instructor.
On-land, “classroom” lessons were conducted each week for two hours, including text books, handouts, and even a quiz at the end. The three-hour on-water lessons included three-to-four students and Scott in a Rhodes 19, and / or a Cal 22. These boats were chosen for their stability and safety, as well as ease of handling and sensitivity to the elements.
The nine AYC members, who participated, were exposed to boat handling, entry- level navigation, terminology, man-over-board drills, and much more. They all felt that they came away with a heightened knowledge and respect for boating. We look forward to including this as a regular activity at AYC in years to come.
With corrected time the results were as follows:

Jake Mahoney
Mark Tuller
John Lamb


(Non member / Saco)

Complete race results can be found here.
Jack Jensen
   DREDGING UPDATE A letter has been sent to the Army Corps of Engineers requesting a permit for dredging at the Arundel Yacht Club. The letter references our intent to bring the depth back to the original depth after the last dredging. We are still anticipating that the dredging will occur this winter. Quotes have been received for the replacement of the main train of docks. This will occur at the same time as the dredging.
Three to four slips became available for the 2003 season. Members on the slip waiting list have been notified. A new waiting list is posted on the bulletin board at the Club. Please check to verify that the information on the current list is accurate. If changes need to be made, please contact me.
David Pickering
Condolences to the family and friends of the following members who have recently passed away:
• Robert J. Scribner, father of Bob Scribner
• Chuck Forrest, father of Anne Raynor
It won't be long before we start thinking about next year’s yearbook. I've got some great pictures of the 2003 Boon Island Race and some of the participants in the Junior Sailing program. If you have other boating pictures or pictures of any of the AYC social events that you'd like to see included in the 2004 issue of the yearbook, please send them to me either at POB 629A, Kennebunkport or, if they're digital, e-mail them to Photos will be returned if requested.
Dave James
Finally, it has certainly been nice to have Tim and Emily back with us for another season. Thanks to them for all that they do.
Wishing you fair skies and following winds,
Susan and Patty
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