Lubber's Log
The Ropewalk is open and in great shape, prospective new members have been welcomed to the Club, the Up Anchor event was a great success, and the boating season is upon us. I hope that you are making plans to utilize the Club. Attending and volunteering at our social functions, crewing on a Boon Island Race boat, watching the kids sailing the Opti's and 420's, cooking out with friends or just sitting on the deck and enjoying the waterfront are great ways to enjoy the summer. We are very lucky to have such a great place to share our experiences. I am looking forward to seeing you this summer.
David Pickering
The slips are full now, with a number of them changing hands. We have done some relocating to accommodate as many boats as possible and appreciate everyone working together on this. The waiting list has been updated, and as changes take place through the season we will continue to revise it. We will send update forms out every January so that this list is as current as possible. Also, invoicing for slips will be going out the first of the year in 2007 so that we can assign openings during the month of March. Waiting until May or June is just too late to notify a member that there is an available slip.
As a reminder, we allow members 4 days commissioning and 4 days decommissioning without a charge. If you need to stay longer, please notify Chris as soon as possible. Please refer to your yearbook for details. Those who have slips should let Chris know when they plan on being away for any given period. This will not only allow him and the stewards to schedule transients, but also to notify members who would like to take advantage of slip space.
Our next major project at the Ropewalk will be the replacement of the roof shingles. We have received pricing on both cedar and asphalt. After review, the board has agreed to use “Red Cedar Shingles” and a “breathing membrane” as a replacement system for the existing shingles. This work will take place during October of this year. We also have a contingency fund allocated for the unknown condition of the roof substructure under the existing shingles. Next on the list are the sliders and the large deck. As always, your comments, concerns, and recommendations are welcomed and encouraged.
Peter Donovan
Vice Commodore
The Membership Committee held its annual New Member introductory meeting on June 10. We enjoyed a very well attended introduction with at least two sponsors for each new member joining us for coffee & muffins. There are four prospective new members this year along with one Jr Member making the transition to full membership. The sponsors will be bringing the prospective new members to socialize at the Ropewalk this season so please make an effort to introduce yourself and share some of your favorite AYC stories. We think this year's group is a good fit to AYC and we look forward to their participation.
The names to look for are: 1. Katie Tuller (Jr Member graduate,) 2. Ron & Pat Owens, 3. Corey & Jacqueline Teguis, and 4. Richard, Tracie, and Alex Oliver.
Bob Scribner
Membership Committee Chairman
It seems like the boats are barely back in the water and we are already well along with the schedule of social events. If you didn’t look closely at the 2006 Social Calendar, you may have missed the fact that AYC has some new events this year. First, the Ladies Luncheon was a great success on Sunday, May 7. It looks like this will be back next year! There are additional new events for this year too:
AYC Junior Member/Guest Dance on Friday, June 23
Family Bingo on Sunday, July 9
Family Bingo on Sunday, August 19

Also, don’t forget that the AYC/KRC Cocktail Party will be hosted by AYC this year on Saturday, July 15. In addition, we are pleased to announce that the Stage Harbor Cook-out is back on the schedule on Saturday, September 2
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
We are off to a great start of the year. Even with all the rain, the House and gardens are in very good shape. Ann Marie and Jack Somers planted the 2 new junipers by the front door in time for Up Anchor. The Garden Committee has reassembled with a few new members. The committee will be working on tending the perennial bed, the gardens around the decks, the flowers boxes in front and improving the general ‘curb appeal’ of the club.
Our electrical switches have all been rewired by our electrician and brought up to code. Please familiarize yourselves with the new switches. It may be initially confusing, and we hope to have labels attached soon. Many of the outside lights are on timers, including the lovely new ‘onion’ post lights off the deck.
We appreciate members continuing to carefully clean up after themselves, whether their gathering is large or small. Just a friendly reminder to please leave the kitchen in better shape than you find it and if you are the last to leave in the evening, please tie up and empty the inside garbage cans. The full trash bags should be put into the dumpster and the cans lined with a new bag. Kitchen sized bags are in the cupboard just to the right of the dishwasher and the large green trash bags are in Locker D. Large gatherings, please take home your dirty dishtowels to be washed and returned ASAP. Additionally, when dining at the club, we ask that you be very careful when using candles with an open flame. If possible, bring a globe to put around your candles. Many of the bud vases have been used as candleholders and were left with wax drippings and could not be used as vases. The vases have been cleaned, and we ask that you do not use them as candleholders.
Rental guidelines are posted on the website (here...), in the Yearbook, and are also posted by the calendar. You may call Tom Kling for more information. Before scheduling your private non-rental parties, please review the guidelines for Social Use of the club, which can be found on the web site (here...) and found posted by the calendar at the club.
On a technical note, our club television and VCR are on their last legs. If anyone has a fairly new TV and/or DVD/VCR to donate, we would be greatly appreciative. Additionally, if there is something that you think might be a good addition to our club, please give Leslie Lindgren (985-2608) or Gail Preble (967-4095) a call.
The Jr Sailing program is considered one of the foundation activities of the club and this year is one of transition, as our own sailing instructors are hired and the sailing curriculum is designed. Two experienced sailors have been employed to teach our kids basic & advanced sailing skills. If you have the opportunity to be enjoying the club during the week, be sure and say hi to Charlie Fox, Sailing Director. We have nearly full enrollment throughout the summer but if you have a child or grandchild who would like to participate and haven't had a chance to enroll please do not hesitate to call. There is always room for one more sailor!
A sincere thank you must be offered to two very generous AYC members. The Jr Sailing program now has a donated 13' Boston Whaler to use as a 2nd launch (very handy for use in the Basin for beginner lessons) and we also have funds for use in making the Whaler safe & seaworthy and procuring new sailing equipment. Many thanks for your kind generosity. The sailing program is always in need of donations so if you are so inclined please do not hesitate.
Amy Bath & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing
2006 Boon Island Race results here...
The 2006 Yearbook was mailed out on May 15th with some great new pictures and an updated listing of Club events, members, and the AYC Fleet. Thank you to all who made contributions.
Unfortunately, the printer had some problems with a few of the yearbooks regarding page collation. So far, out of 250 books printed, we've found problems with just 8 copies. If you were one of the unlucky members who received a flawed copy, please let either Doug Leonard or myself (207-967-3030) know and we will make sure you receive a corrected book.
Many thanks to all of the members who submitted pictures for inclusion. Keep it up. Much of the fun of the yearbook is in reading and seeing what everyone else is doing.
Dave James
Yearbook Committee
Chris Audley has mentioned that the life vest loaner program has been a great success, and people are borrowing from the box at the top of the ramp, which is the intention. However the supply appears to be dwindling. If anyone has extra or outgrown PFDs to donate, they would be greatly appreciated!
Any comments or news to include in future newsletters?
Please feel free to contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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