Lubber's Log
Even though it has been a dreary spring, it is now really feeling like summer. It always seems like a short boating season here in Maine, so I hope you are already getting out on the water. I got my boat in quite early this year, and am looking forward to lots of time on it. The Club is certainly ready for the season as well. Some house improvements have recently been completed, junior sailing enrollments have happened, the social calendar is full, and boats are filling the slips. As always, we need volunteers to make this Club work, so please find an opportunity where you can do your share this summer.
Your Board of Governors is continuing to do planning work behind the scenes. The dredging permit work is underway, though we still have no firm timeline on when the dredge will actually occur. We also have spent a lot of time on membership issues, and the results of the survey that was conducted over the winter. You will see plenty of detail on these here in the Lubber’s Log and elsewhere.
I hope everyone gets to utilize the Club and to enjoy the waterfront activities as much as you can. Let's go boating!
Tim Hussey
This committee has been meeting throughout the off-season addressing issues brought to the forefront at last year's annual meeting. The committee sent out a survey to the membership to identify membership concerns and help us prioritize them. Survey results identified two major concerns, the new membership process and the lack of understanding regarding club participation and expectations
The first concern, "the new member process" was broken into two categories. The first was the process with which we bring in new member. The second category was the ongoing support of new members. It was decided that we would review the existing "new membership guidelines" and make changes that would enhance the new membership process. This has been completed and will be presented to the BOG. In order to address the concern of "support of new members" we have created a set of guidelines for sponsorship which we believe will greatly enhance the support of new members.
The second major concern focusing on expectations of membership is being address by the development of an AYC mission statement. This will help to define expectations of all members. Additionally, the work being done on the new membership process and defining sponsor's expectations will help with this concern.
Once the BOG has reviewed these recommendations we will make them available to the membership for review with the intent that members will contact us with comments. These recommendations will be presented at this year's annual meeting. I would like to thank everyone for their timely responses to the survey and special thanks to Bob Scribner, Bob Burns, Anne Gould, Gordon Ayer, David Emery and Martha Hussey for the time and effort they have put into this committee.
Pete Donovan
It’s hard to believe that by the time this hits the street we will have already held several events on the social calendar. Of special note, we had more than 50 hardy members who made it out to the Ice Breaker on March 6, about par for recent years. It was a very enjoyable gathering of AYC friends who were ready for a break from a very cold winter.
Skip forward a couple of months to the Members Pot Luck on May 8 where some 80 members attended. Traditionally this event has focused on introducing new members but due to the membership freeze the dinner had a different character. Following suggestions from the member survey, everyone wore name badges and enjoyed this event as an opportunity to see old friends and become better acquainted with AYC members who were less familiar to them. At the request of the BOG, Pete Donovan and Bob Scribner provided a brief synopsis of key results of the member survey. And, Up Anchor, as always, was a great time as well.
All of our social events are headed by club members and we thought it would be helpful to list the event managers for the remainder of this year. Members interested in volunteering for specific events should feel free to contact these individuals directly. Many teams already exist, but event manager are always in the best position to determine their needs. It is worth noting that AYC is hosting the AYC/KRC Cocktail Party this year and Gail Preble will need lots of help!
   »  Chicken BBQ   (June 26)   Sara and Dan Beard
   »  July 4th BBQ   (July 4)   Paula and Tom Kling
   »  AYC/KRC Cocktail Party   (July 17)   Gail Preble
   »  Fishing Derby & Pot Luck   (August 8)   Kavin Moody
   »  BOG Lobster Bake   (August 21)   BOG
   »  Family Day Outing   (September 4)   TBD
   »  Golf Tournament & Pot Luck   (September 24)   TBD
   »  Annual Meeting   (September 26)   TBD
   »  October Fest   (October 16)   TBD
Guests at AYC events. There are only two social events where guests are restricted, UP Anchor and the BOG Lobster Bake. This is due to member popularity and space limitations. However, any club member who is single is welcome to bring a guest to all events.
Have a great season!
Kavin Moody
Junior Sailing
The first session of Junior Sailing will start on Monday June 28. Once again Reef Sports to run the program for us. Enrollment for the program is now open to the public. Interested members should get applications in soon. SPACE IS LIMITED. Information is available on the Jr Sail page, or contact Amy Bath at - or 967-8427.
Adult Sailing Lessons
All call out to adult sailors. Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Any AYC member interested in lessons please contact Jack Jensen at 967-4388 or for information.
Tennis Anyone
AYC member children interested in participating in tennis clinics at the Kennebunk River Club may do so by filling out a registration form. The forms are available at the KRC tennis office or contact Joe Brooke at 967-2090. There is a $75 registration fee in addition to clinic fees.
We have made the decision to continue the pursuit of obtaining a dredging permit. Currently we have two quotes ranging from $30,000 to $40,000, based on the required sampling by the Corp of Engineers. To potentially reduce costs, a quote has been requested directly from a laboratory that would do the testing.
Three stewards have been hired for this season. Allegra Spaulding, who will be attending Bowdoin College in the fall, Dave Coleman, who will be able to stay with us into the fall which is great and Quentin Sprague, who worked for us a few years ago.
Just a reminder, if you have a dinghy at the dock it is required to have a name plate attached to the boat.
David Pickering
Condolences to the family and friends of James (Bud) Eaton III who has recently passed away.
Many thanks to the following members who participated in Spring Clean Up Day.
David, Carson & Rawley Wagor
David & Anne Gould
Dick Badger
Holly & Dean Johnson
Joe & Heidi Maynard
Sarah & Dan Beard
Amy, Ben, Nick & Tim Bath
Walker Donovan
John & Johnny Dickinson
Roz & Chris Magnuson
Cynthia & Mark Paquette
Bev & Ed Keough
Paula & Tom Kling
Dave & Jenne James
Heloise, & Ben Strickland
Bob, John & Robby Burns
Max McNally
James Nelligan
Jill, Bruce & Henry Schmidt
Jack & Amelie Jensen
Kathy & Boden Beveridge
Mark & R.J. Tuller
Richard Perry
Gail Preble
Bob Badger
Norm Merrow
Tom Foley
Bill Wade
Jack Somers
Henry Schmidt
Chet Dunham
Tom Sinclair
Peter Brown
Dave Emery
Beverly Soule
John Fraser
Susan Graesser
Frank Handlen
Dave Hall
David Pickering
Donna Costello
Michael Finney
Ric Walters
Rob Benson
The Board of Governor's has agreed upon the following policy for social use of the Ropewalk:
If a member wishes to sign up for the use of the Club, he/she should understand that this does not “reserve” the Club. Other members may also sign up and, of course, Club activities take precedence. Also, because of official Club activities, personal use may at times be limited or not available.
If the personal use is for an activity that requires a presenter/leader/teacher, etc., that person shall not be paid for his/her services. If this activity goes beyond a one-time use, it is understood that the Club cannot be booked for more than one week in advance and that there is no guarantee that Club activities may not cause a cancellation.
This policy is designed to make the Club available to members for their personal use while keeping in mind that the main purpose of the Arundel Yacht Club is to provide boating and social activities for all its members.
Please Note: You do not have to call the rental manager to arrange use of the Ropewalk for less than 20 people. Please sign your name, number in party and time of usage (beginning to end) on the appropriate day on the posted social calendar.
Complete information on Ropewalk Social Use, Rental Use and Clean-up may be found here...
A new shipment of wonderful new AYC clothing has just arrived. The shelves in the Club’s “show” case have been stocked with new polos, hats, and polar fleece vests. In fact, if you don't see your size, Leslie Lingren has more at home! Just in time for the boating season.

Prices are as follows:
    Navy polar fleece vests - $35
    Navy, beige or tan Polo Shirts - $ 25
    AYC hats - $12

Giving a custom AYC article of clothing ..... priceless!
Leslie Lindgren ~ 985-2608 ~
Wishing you fair skies and following winds,
Patty Merrill
Susan McLaughlin
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