Lubber's Log
I see from my files that I last edited this missive in October. Iıd much rather say hello than goodbye, and luckily, at this time of year, we welcome our new members to the club. This yearıs new member potluck had a great turnout of around 70 members, with all kinds of delicious food and friendly faces. Take a moment at the ropewalk to check the snapshots of the newest members, whom youıre certain to see around the club this summer. They are: Scott and Karen Dombrowski, Stephen and Alicia Spenlinhauer, Richard and Elaine Perry, Mark and Dawn Werner, John and Lori Solari, Robert and Mary Lou Smith, David and Kathy Bois and David and Lisa Harrison.
Membership chair Pete Donovan would like to thank all the members who worked hard to make the event memorable: David & Anne Gould, Scott & Mary Ellen Woodward, Bob Scribner & Claire Julian, Ralph & Cindy Clement, Bill and Linda Wade and Tim & Heather Bruhl.
The Ropewalk is open and in great shape; new members have been welcomed; the Up Anchor event was a great success; and we are ready to go boating! I hope you are making plans to enjoy the Club in all its many facets - attending our social functions, volunteering at an event, crewing on a Boon Island Race boat, watching the kids take off in the Opti's and 420's, doing some adult Thursday night sailing, cooking out on a weeknight with friends, or just hanging out at the Club and enjoying the waterfront - these are all parts of our Club, and I am looking forward to participating in just about every one of these. Hope to see you around the waterfront!
Tim Hussey
Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Homer Waterhouse, who passed away on May 29.
Secretary Doug Leonard reports that Lynn Lochhead has resigned in good standing.
Please remember that member family news is the most popular item in the Log! If you have any weddings, births, graduations or other items of interest, please inform Susan (967-3113, or Patty (967-0041, and weıll be sure to get them into the log!
Chair Anne Raynor has once again spent the late winter and early spring making sure our kids get out on the water under sail power! The programs, as always, are filling up fast and are now open to non-members, so if you have junior sailors who arenıt signed up, call Anne today!
The kick-off cookout will be Thursday, June 19 at 6 p.m., and is always a fun event for those who plan to participate.
Later in the summer, there will be competitive opportunities for our young boaters. The Junior Olympics will be held in Boothbay from July 28 - July 30. Call Amy Bath for more information at 967-8427. Opti Nationals are scheduled for July 30 and 31 at the Portland Country Club.
By popular demand, adult sailing lessons WILL be offered this summer!! Check the information posted on the junior sailing locker at the club if youıre interested. Adult racing begins July 3, and as usual, all the old salts are looking for naive crew members to bring along! Iıve heard this is a blast -- all are welcome, even those with little to no experience.
The first race of the season is coming up on June 21, with a skipperıs meeting at 8:30 and a start time of 1o:30 a.m. For information on registering, contact Jack Jensen at 967-2888 or
Update June 22: Complete race results can be found here.
As we all know, the ropewalk doesnıt maintain itself! Our dedicated membership volunteers time to ensure that the building and grounds stay seaworthy, so to speak. And as many hands make light work, weıd like to recognize, in no particular order, those who pitched in: Carl & Leslie Lindgren, Gail Preble, Dick Badger, Jack Somers, Dave Hall, Bob Badger, Bob Burns, John Burns, Ben Strickland, Tom Kling, Chris & Roz Magnuson, Ralph & Cindy Clement, Ric & Cheryl Walters, Judy & Dave Emery, Walker Donovan, Schuyler Donovan, Samuel Scribner, Anthony & Tracy Hall, Tim Bath, Nick Bath, Dan & Sarah Beard, Jack Jensen, Dave James, John Dickinson, Anne Raynor, Dave & Alice Conway and Joseph Maynard.
We would like to encourage everyone to visit the newly redesigned AYC website. Members can now check the Social Calendar, access information about the Jr. Sailing program, Docks and House rules and read the current Lubber's Log online. If you have questions to direct to BOG or Committee Chairpersons there is a Contact page. In addition there is a Links page listing other Maine yacht clubs online, sailing and racing organizations and tide and weather sites.
Our goal is to make the website a useful tool for all members and we need your input. Please let webmaster John Standish know your thoughts and suggestions - e-mail:
The yearbook is now available for the 2003 season, listing all planned social events, member contact information, fleet information and our bylaws, including membership rules. Photos of last yearıs social and boating events make this a keepsake as well as a resource. If you havenıt received your copy, by all means pick one up at the ropewalk. David James was our editor this year and he has done a great job.
Several times a year, it is necessary for our various volunteer board members and social chairpersons to contact our membership. We all have a role to play in making sure contact information stays up-to-date. Secretary Doug Leonard already manages several lists of winter addresses, summer addresses and e-mails; please lighten his load by getting change of address information to him in a timely manner so that he does not have to re-send information. His address is: PO Box 1345, Kennebunkport, 04046. E-mail - Thanks!
Unfortunately, security at the Ropewalk has become an issue. Liquor has been stolen out of the Ways and Means locker, and there have been signs of late-night drinking, smoking, and abuse of the facility, perhaps by non-members. The Board of Governors has asked the Kennebunkport Police to check the Ropewalk on a regular basis, and we are re-considering our locks and security approach to the building.
We ask you to be sure not to leave alcohol unattended at the Ropewalk, and to watch for any inappropriate behavior or non-members who should not be there.
We have a wonderful facility that gets great usage by the membership, but with abuse by a small number, we must take steps to improve our security.
Tim Hussey
Rain or shine, the social events for the 2004 season have begun. New Members Pot Luck Dinner was well attended and coincided with a warm sunny day. New Member introductions took place outside overlooking the Waterfront for the first time in my memory. On the other hand, the annual Up Anchor celebration took place on a cold, rainy evening which kept us all shoulder to shoulder inside the Ropewalk although it was apparent that everyone was happy to have a chance to help commission the new season in fine fashion. I would like to thank Lori Parkinson for her significant efforts in organizing and hosting this event as well as Paula & Tom Kling and the many others who helped make it a fun occasion for all of us to enjoy.
Please note that the complete Social Calendar is conveniently posted on AYC's website. Please consider offering your assistance to any of these events.
Bob Scribner, Ways & Means
The club leadership is very interested in making the clubıs communication electronic. It is very time-consuming and expensive to prepare mailings; the Lubberıs Log alone takes your volunteer editors the better part of two days to get copy to the printer and get the envelopes sorted for the bulk mailing. We realize not everyone is on-line, and still more are on-line but do not check their mailboxes regularly. Still, it is hard to ignore the savings in both time and money that an electronic transmittal represents.
With improved technology, the log can even be sent with graphics and color photographs -- a possibility that just doesnıt exist on paper. The paper log will soon be phased out in favor of an electronic e-mailing and a posting on our website. The labor savings this represents also ensures that volunteer editors will always be willing to take on the work.
If you would like to receive the log via e-mail, please e-mail Susan McLaughlin at: to be added to the list. Please do this even if you suspect you are on an e-mail list for another reason; for example, social events. This way your editors can establish a solid mailing system so no one is accidentally missed. Thanks!
Wishing you fair skies and following winds,
Susan and Patty
April/May 2003 Lubber's Log
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