Lubber's Log

May 2009

Welcome aboard the 2009 boating season. During a recent Board of Governors meeting, my
fellow board members were poking a little fun at me as I introduced the idea of “greening” up
the Arundel Yacht Club. Admittedly, I own a trawler that runs on fossil fuel rather than the wind
but that does not mean that I can’t advocate for improvements in how our club operates to lessen
its impact on the environment.
The next time you are down at the club, look around and see if you can spot opportunities for
a greener approach to things. Do we separate our trash and recycle paper, cardboard, etc.? Are
we using CFL lighting every where we can? Are the paper supplies we use made from recycled
paper? Is solar power used for anything?
I have done this and I saw many easy and inexpensive opportunities for improvements. I also
believe there are many members who think like I do, that we can do a better job environmentally.
I am very interested in sponsoring a like-minded group of members who are willing to form a
Green Committee and actively work to transform AYC into a more environmentally friendly club.
Interested? Give me a call. Please.

Bob Scribner

I am pleased to say that we have an active waterfront committee formed. The members of this
committee are: Gordon Ayer, Kevin Cain, Tim Hussey, Mark Tuller, Jack Somers, Gail Preble, Peter
Donovan, Mark Paquette and myself.
We have completed the dock assignments for the upcoming season. I am thrilled to welcome,
after a 16 year wait, Mike and Sandy Severance and their 54 foot boat the Sea Spirit.
A few of the our tasks will include dock maintenance, a waterfront long range plan, reviewing
our current dock rules and slip waiting list procedures, dock rates, transient usage, and keeping
informed of dredge activity and rules on the river, along with many other waterfront issues.
The Arundel Yacht Club is a volunteer organization where we all work together to keep the
club in good condition and enjoyable for everyone. The waterfront committee is a great example
of members volunteering their time to a club they love. The committee welcomes any ideas or
input on ways to improve the AYC waterfront.

Amy Bath
Vice Commodore

Well, the ice is finally out and we have launched the social season with the Ice Breaker and
Spring Pot Luck already history. And what a history they were!
The Ice Breaker was held at The Landing School on Saturday, February 28, and was a huge success. It was a cold day but the sun was out and that’s all we needed to get everyone in the mood for a party. Barry Acker and his team conducted continuous tours of the school where AYC members started showing up before 4PM. Somewhere around 90+ people attended and ate and drank everything in sight! It must have been the walking? Great time and I suggest everyone take a tour of The Landing School some day.
We had another beautiful day for the Spring Pot Luck on May 2nd and somewhere around 115 members showed up with their favorite dishes in hand. It’s amazing how every couple brings a dish for 8 and somehow almost everything gets eaten. We can blame the food and wine, but the guest speaker had a lot to do with the great turnout too. Building on the popularity of the Ice Breaker tours, Barry Acker, President of The Landing School, spoke about the history of the school and provided insights into the various programs offered at the school today and their recognition in the small boat industry in the region and country. It was an enlightening presentation with lots of Q&A.
In the last Lubber’s Log I mentioned that the July 4 BBQ would be changed this year. In fact there will not be a catered BBQ or any organized meal or activities. Instead, the club will be open for families (and their guests) to bring their own food/picnics and AYC will provide some “setup” accommodations. Reservations will be suggested and tables will be set up and paper and plastic supplies (plates, napkins, table cloths, forks, etc.), ice and soda will be provided. Watch for the announcement.
Check your 2009 yearbook or the website for the full list of social programs coming up this summer.

Kavin Moody
Ways & Means


Thank you to the following members who pitched in and got us off to a good start!

Mary Ellen Woodward
Scott Woodward Bob Scribner Claire Julian
Bill Guay Paula Hatch Jack Somers Ann Marie Somers
Anne Gould David Gould Beverly Keough Ed Keough
Gail Preble Marc Smith Heidi Maynard Joseph Maynard
Cindy Clement Ralph Clement Elaine Carlson Richard Perry
David Pickering Mike Severance Bob Burns Susan Graesser
Annie Barker Charlie Barker Mark Paquette Jay Howard
Holly Johnson Dean Johnson Patti Owens Ron Owens
Anne Raynor Donna Costello Steve Jacobsen Durward Parkinson
Amy Bath Judy Emery Steve Geary Dave Wagor
Jane Cain Leslie Lindgren Dan Beard John Fraser
Mike Bird Tom Sinclair Tom Kling Debby Meinikoff
Beverly Soule

The Junior Sailing Program is gearing up for another summer of fun on the water. We have
hired a new Sailing Director, Chelsea Leighton, an experienced sailor and instructor who attends
and sails at Mount Holyoke College in MA. Last season we hired two AYC sailors as Jr. Instructors
with the hope that their experience as junior sailors would be advantageous given their
knowledge of the club, the boats, and the river. It worked out better than expected as not only
was it helpful to the kids and easier for the Sailing Director but the fleet was taken care of better
and treated more gently than in the past as well - Mary Egan and Sam Scribner are both happily
returning this season as Junior Instructors.

We plan to offer two-week sessions starting in late June and continuing into the latter part of
August. The schedule of classes is being developed and should be posted to the website by the
time you read this Lubber’s Log. Given the economic times and with the hopes of increasing enrollment,
we plan to hold the cost of classes to last year’s rates.
As in the past, we will be offering classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced sailors
from age 7 and up. Classes will focus on safety, seamanship and most importantly fun. The more
experienced sailors will have the opportunity to race against other clubs in the Maine Inter-club
Racing Circuit. I have formed a new committee to help with the program which includes Claire
Julian, Susan Benson and Elizabeth Egan. I hope you will encourage your children or grandchildren
to participate in Jr. Sailing at AYC this summer, continuing in one of the great traditions
of our club. The program is also open to the public so if any friends have children interested in
learning to sail please recommend them to our program. If you have any questions just give me
or anyone on the committee a call.

Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing

Thursday Nights
Mark your calendars for July 9th and July 23rd at 5:30PM if you are interested in casual adult
sailing. We hope to get adults out on the water to have fun and gain confidence. No previous
boating experience is required. We plan to go out in small groups, using members’ boats and learn more about sailing. Experienced members will be in each boat, so have no fear! Plan to bring your dinner to the club and we can socialize when we come back in the river. This is a great opportunity to become more comfortable sailing and to get to know members better.
Thursday night racing in the 420’s will be on July 16th and July 30th. If you have never participated in these races, we meet at 5:30 and are towed out the river in the club owned 420’s by sailing instructors. They set a course for us and we have a few short races as time allows. We usually only have a few boats each week and the club has quite a few. So come down and give it a try. We will plan another schedule in August.
Please email Anne Gould at or call 967-0227 if you have questions or are thinking about joining us.

Anne Gould
Adult Sailing Committee

The 2009 Boon Island Race is scheduled for Saturday, June 27. The race start time is set for
12:00 noon rather than 11:00 am, because of a low tide at 9:30 am. Any one interested in entering the race can download race entry forms and other race details from the AYC webpage at The entry registration fee remains at $25.00 per boat.
The AYC Boon Island chicken barbecue will be held on Friday evening, June 26. One need not be entered in the race to attend the barbecue.

Dave James
Boon Island Race Committee

The 2009 AYC yearbook has been completed and mailed out to all members. Many thanks to those who contributed pictures.

Dave James & Doug Leonard
Yearbook CommitteeMeMbership


The Membership Committee has begun the process of meeting with prospective new AYC members for the “Class of January 2010”. Although this year we have 9 new openings, our By-law requirement of 4 new Boat Owners for every Non-Boat Owner permits taking aboard only 8 new members for 2010. The remaining opening will have to wait for the receipt of at least 1 new “Boatowner” application... perhaps for the “Class of 2011”.
At this point, it looks like we’ll be processing the applications of 1 eligible Junior Member (moving up to full Membership), followed by 6 new Adult Member candidates (5 of whom are
Boat Owners; 1 a Non-Boat Owner).
The Membership Committee, BOG representatives, and Dock Master Chris Audley will begin
to “get to know” each of these applicants at a mid-June Prospective New Member Orientation
Meeting, at which they will be introduced by their 3 Sponsors. Following this meeting, each acceptable Applicant and their Sponsors’ names will be posted at the Club.
As they visit and attend Club events with their Sponsors this summer, we strongly urge all Club members to take the initiative of introducing yourself to the applicants. Getting to know these folks during the summer will ensure that everyone will be prepared to vote on each at our Annual Fall meeting.
Have a great summer, and be sure to call anyone on the Membership Committee in the event of thoughts or questions.

Dave Emery, Chair
Membership Committee


The following members have resigned in good standing:
Nancy Hatch
Robert & Jill Nesher
Lou Brown
Gary & Susan Mulsow

Jenne James and Bob Kember were married on April 25th.

Colin Sargent has written a new novel. For reviews and information visit:

Our condolences to family and friends on the passing of Warren Kennedy.

BoatU.S. Membership Discount

The BoatU.S. Cooperating Groups program has proven so popular with AYC members that we are renewing our agreement for another year.
As a reminder, because of our special arrangement, you get 50% off the annual BoatU.S. membership dues when you join or renew. You pay just $12.50 a year (regularly $25). Be sure to mention our Cooperating Group ID number GA80504Y to get the specially reduced rate.
For more information, contact BoatU.S. at 1-800-395-2628.


AYC polos - $12.00 (limited colors and sizes)
AYC navy polar fleece vests - $35.00
AYC navy polar fleece long sleeve zip - $40.00
AYC hats - $15.00
AYC burgees - $16.00 and $18.00
AYC mugs - $3.00 each or 4/$10.00
AYC cocktail napkins - $3.00/125

Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting:
Leslie Lindgren
22 Longwood Drive, Kennebunk, ME 04043 • 207-985-2608;

Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?
Please contact me at 967-4448 or

Jenne James




THANKS to the many helping hands on Spring Work Day the House is ready and waiting!  Here are a couple reminders to make things easier for all………….

  • Do not leave beer, wine or any alcohol overnight at the club.  Several times each week any open and/or unopened alcohol will be removed from the fridge.
  • Calendar Use:  Please post your name, the number in your party and the time you will be using the club (start to finish) on the appropriate date.  Your set up should occur during this time.
  • Social Use Guidelines, House Rules, Cleaning/Closing Instructions are posted above the calendar and online.
  • Laundering of dirty dishtowels is greatly appreciated!

Please consider using the dishwasher as it can actually be a conservation measure.  The instructions are in a frame on the paper towel dispenser.

THANK YOU to those who make a consistent effort to keep the kitchen, tables, and countertops spotless after using, leaving a welcoming environment for the next person.
A REMINDER to those who forget: 




Club stewards work to promote a welcoming, clean and safe environment at AYC, but are not hired to clean up after members.

Wishing all a wonderful summer season; we look forward to seeing you at the club!

                                                                        THE HOUSE COMMITTEE


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