Lubber's Log
Welcome to our 50th season at the Arundel Yacht Club! 50 years ago a few friends gathered in a living room and decided to start a yacht club on the Kennebunk River. Many good times and memories have been created over those 50 years and in 2007 we will honor the founders of our Club.
We will celebrate their efforts and contributions which resulted in the creation of a very special boating and social club, which has been such a meaningful and fun part of so many of our lives.
Please plan on joining us at the "Founders Dinner" in July, where all founding members and all past commodores will be invited to this special event, where the membership can listen, reflect and reminisce about the stories over the years (and there are LOTS of stories!) We also intend to have displays during the season of photos and documents from our early years.
Our mission states: The Arundel Yacht Club is a family oriented yacht club founded on the principle of active member participation. Our mission is the enjoyment of boating, sailing programs, waterfront activities, and related social events with fellow members in an informal setting.
In this our 50th year, I encourage our membership to follow these guidelines, join in and enjoy this wonderful place. Please take a few minutes to speak with our founding and long-time members, for we all owe them our gratitude and respect, not only for the past memories but also for the memories to come.
Pete Donovan
The docks are open, the weather is improving, and it's time for all of us to paint, scrape and launch. Hopefully we'll see lots of activity on the waterfront real soon! One of the most important aspects of the waterfront for 2007 will be the formation of a formal Waterfront Committee. The management and maintenance of our docks really should be overseen by a committee of members rather than a single Board member. This should also result in a better focus on needs, improved maintenance, usage, etc. This committee will be made up of four (4) members in addition to myself and responsibilities will go from long range needs planning to transient dockage and everything in between. The sailing fleet and AYC's launches also need closer attention and I would like to consider adding this to the Waterfront Committee’s responsibility. With enthusiastic members, this should develop into very hands-on and involved. I welcome anyone interested in making a long-term commitment to this activity to contact me directly
Bob Scribner
Vice Commodore
Waterfront Committee
AYC got the year off to another great start with the Ice Breaker on March 3 at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. About 70 AYC members took advantage of the beautiful weather and came out to this fantastic facility to get an early start on the 2007 season. Best turnout in recent memory!
The big deal for AYC this year is the club’s 50th anniversary and two activities have been added to the social calendar to help celebrate. The first is the Sail Around on Saturday, April 28. For newer club members, this is a reincarnation of a past club activity that hasn’t been held for many years. It’s essentially a coordinated set of small group hosted cocktail and dinner parties in members’ homes. Then, there will be a very special 50th Anniversary Founders’ Dinner party and related club events on Saturday, July 21. Look for more information about our 50th celebration activities from the anniversary planning committee, headed by Tim Hussey.
Based upon feedback from this new event last year, we are pleased to announce that the 2007 social calendar will include two Ladies Luncheons (Sunday, June 3, and Sunday, September 9). Also back by popular demand will be the AYC Junior Member/Guest Dance on Friday, June 29 as well as Family Bingo on Sunday, July 9, and Sunday, August 12. More information about these events will be available on the individual event announcements. We will also attempt another Stage Harbor Cook-out on Saturday, September 1.
Spring Pot Luck is just around the corner on May 5. This is always very popular because it’s really the first event of the year at the Ropewalk (after Spring Cleanup, of course, on April 21) and is an important event for introducing prospective new members to the club.
As usual, we always need volunteers to help support our very full calendar. If you would like to discuss how you can help by volunteering at social events, please call me at 967-5542 or email me at Believe me, I will respond!!!
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
Spring Work Day has come and gone. The roofing work done over the winter created much residue on the inside to clean. The enthusiastic members who turned out had to start from the top of the rafters and clean to the floor. A great crew showed up for the hearty work and once again the club is ship shape. Thanks to the following 49 members for their elbow grease:
Roz & Chris Magnuson
Pete Donovan
Scott Woodward
David Gould
Christopher Benson
Bill Wade
Jennifer Pickering
Ron & Patti Ownes
Tom Foley
Marti Hess-Pomber
Cynthia & Mark Paquette
June Huston
Donna Costello
Susan Graesser
Rob Benson
Jill & Bruce Schmidt
Dan & Sarah Beard
Paula Kling
Neil T Ross
Lloyd Pomber
Wayne Adams
Richard Perry
Bill Gilpatric
Ann Marie Somers
Scott Benson
Steve Jacobsen
Dave James
P Jay Howard
Vickie Ross
Vicki Benenti
Leslie Lindgren
Mary Ellen Woodward
Jason Gilpatric
Jack Somers
Valerie & John Lamb
David Pickering
Eric, Lisa & Peter Hatch
Beverly Soule
Ed & Bev Keough
Mark Ross
Ann Marie Somers will be coordinating a group of members including Susan Graesser and Beverly Soule to maintain the gardens this year. They are trying to plan regular gatherings to keep up the gardens. Please give Ann Marie a call if you'd like to join them at 985-6752.
As we are beginning our 50th anniversary season, we would like to reiterate some concerns the House Committee had last year regarding the social use of the facilities.
Calendar Sign-Up: Please register your name on the calendar for the DAY & TIME you wish to use the club as well as the number of guests. The limit is 20 before a rental fee will be charged.
Set up: Please set up during your sign up time and not before.
Clean up: All cooking and eating utensils, grills, shall be washed and PUT AWAY after usage. Please understand this is not the Club Stewards’ job responsibility but yours alone. Please empty your trash in the appropriate containers and dispose in the dumpster outside.
Vehicle Parking: Non-members and guests are asked to park off the property so as not to interfere or inconvenience other AYC members or Yachtsmen using the club at that time.
Dishwasher Use: If it is your choice to use the dishwasher then please familiarize yourself with the posted usage instructions. Follow the instructions IMPLICITLY.
Garbage Disposal: Please run the garbage disposal after use or before you leave.
Refrigerator Use: Please make sure both refrigerator and freezer doors are closed and remember to remove your food and alcoholic beverages when you leave the club.
Club Lock-up: It is the last member's responsibility to lock up and secure the club.
AYC Guests Usage: Non-members must be accompanied by their respective AYC host AT ALL TIMES.
Club Rentals: For club rental information or parties over 21 please contact Tom Kling at 967-5190.
For additional information on our club please consult your AYC yearbook or the "Ropewalk" pages on this site or feel free to contact any board member or Chris Audley at any time.
We would like to thank everyone who has participated in past events, as well as those who have enjoyed the use of our great facility and what it has to offer.
Here's to a great 50th!
Leslie Lindgren
House Committee
The Jr. Sailing program schedule and enrollment forms will be available on the Arundel Yacht Club website within the next few weeks. Any questions should be directed to Amy Bath at or by telephone 967-8427.
We are excited to have a new Head Sailing Instructor, Justin Van Deinse. He grew up in the Kennebunks. He has coached at Biddeford Pool Yacht Club along with Gross Ile Yacht Club and St Petersburg Yacht Club. He is a U.S. Certified 1 & 2 level instructor. We look forward to having him involved in our Jr. Sailing program.
We are also working with the River Club to promote both our programs. The River club members’ children and grandchildren are welcome to join our Junior Sailing program and Arundel Yacht Club children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to take tennis lessons at the River Club. We look forward to our children enjoying the amenities of both clubs!
Once again I encourage all members’ children and grandchildren enroll in the Jr. Sailing Program. It is a great way to spend the summer on the waterfront of the Kennebunks!
Amy Bath & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing
The Boon Island Race is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th. Mark your calendar. Details will be provided by mid May.
Dave James & Jack Jensen
Boon Island Race Committee
It's time to celebrate 50 years of Arundel Yacht Club history! AYC has been an important part of many of our lives, and we will celebrate and honor the founders who had the early vision, the commodores who have provided leadership over the years, and all the members that have made AYC what it is today. Here are some of the activities planned:
Photos and exhibits will be on display throughout the season at the Ropewalk. (Let Lisanne James know if you can help by providing photos). A special cookbook of recipes from AYC members is being published. (Thanks to Debbie Tuller and her volunteer team). A video oral history will be made that captures the memories of early members. (Peter Hatch and Tim Hussey are doing the production). A "Founder's Dinner" will take place at the Club on July 21st. This will be a very nice dinner, with a special program. Don't miss it. (Arleen Jensen is chairing this, let her know if you have input). A "50th Anniversary" Boating Day will also take place on the 21st. (Mark Tuller is running this, let him know if you want to help). Special merchandise with a new AYC 50th Anniversary logo has been ordered (see Leslie Lindgren for details).
And more is being planned! Be sure to join in the fun.
Tim Hussey
Anniversary Committee
Resignations in good standing: Stephen and Cynthia Morris, Henry J. Tilton, Arthur and Shirley Leach, Stephen and Maureen Bowley, Sandra Connolly, and Peter Brown.
Diane McCullough and Michael Bird were married in August of 2006. Children are Laura and David McCullough and Liam Bird.
After more than 10 years of service Jack Jensen has passed on the Treasures responsibilities to Mark Paquette. The membership has benefited from Jack’s input and recommendations over this time. If you see Jack this season please take a moment to thank him for the countless hours he put in ensuring the financial stability of our club. Jack is a fine example of the volunteerism that is so critical.
Over the years the board has been approached about using our membership list as a mailing list. We have only allowed this to happen when we felt that it was a benefit for the membership and was relative to the club. Please do not use our membership list for anything but a reference. If you feel that you would like to use it you should contact the board of governors for approval. Thank you for your understanding.
Donald Perkins passed away on April 23. Our condolences go out to Jean and her family.
AYC polos - $12.00 (limited colors and sizes)
AYC Navy Polar Fleece vests - $35.00
AYC Navy Polar Fleece long sleeve zip - $40.00
AYC hats - $15.00
AYC burgees - $16.00 and $18.00
AYC mugs - $3.00each or 4/$10.00
AYC cocktail napkins - $3.00/125
Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting:
Leslie Lindgren
22 Longwood Drive
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Any news or comments you’d like to see in future newsletters?
Please contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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