Lubber's Log
After a long winter the Ropewalk is open and is in great shape with a new main train and, soon to be, handicap entrance. We will be welcoming new members by June and Up Anchor is just a few weeks away and mother nature has plans to provide us with great weather.
The Arundel Yacht Club is a special place to be enjoyed by all members. As the activity and use further grows, it is important to remember that all members must respect each other and the facility. Volunteering to help out is critical to our continued success. I am looking forward to seeing everyone enjoy the Club this year and as always do not hesitate to ask questions and provide your opinion to help make the Arundel Yacht Club even better than it is today.
David Pickering
Over the past few years the Waterfront Committee has been working on the preliminary requirements needed to apply for a dredging permit which is issued by the Army Corp of Engineers. Some of the items include local approval by the Kennebunkport Planning Board and required soil testing. We also hoped to coordinate with the dredging of the Kennebunk River as this generally will reduce cost. Because the “mobilization cost” have been absorbed by the river dredging project we, and others, would incur less cost.
As you may know early in 2005 the funding was made available by the federal government to dredge the Kennebunk River. This information had been brought to the Waterfront Committee earlier and they had taken steps to complete the necessary requirements.
Unfortunately, our soils test had come back with some high readings that would require more testing and additional cost. At the same time it was revealed that due to the time constraint of dredging the river (dredging must have been completed by April 15 due to concerns of the effects on the fish in the river) no other contractors would be allowed to dredge while the Kennebunk River Project was in process. Also the selected contractor was not able to perform other projects due to the late start of the river project.
As a cost savings measure, the Waterfront Committee had also planned to replace the “Main Train” of dock along with the existing electrical and water systems during the dredging.The savings would be realized as the docks needed to be removed during a dredging so we would incur this cost only once. The Waterfront Committee recommended that the work be done this year as the main train was at the end of its life cycle and the BOG agreed. This proved to be a good decision as Chris Audley, working with very short notice, removed the main train and found that many sections needed a great deal of repair, if not replacement.
At this time Chris is reinstalling the docks and I’m sure you will appreciate the improvements. Thanks to David Pickering and Keith Jacques and the members of the Waterfront Committee for all of their work. Also we all should take a minute to thank Chris Audley for his efforts.
If you have any questions feel to contact me.
Pete Donovan
The year got off to a refreshing start with the annual Ice Breaker social on Saturday, March 5, at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust Headquarters and Environmental Center. Approximately 60 AYC members enjoyed the cozy fire and wonderful atmosphere of the new facility. Lots of good food, drink and conversation made for a great event and we look forward to returning to KCT to break more ice in the future.
The Ways & Means Committee (Moody’s and Lindgren’s, to date) got together in January to do some early planning for social events this year. At this point, most of our events have managers assigned but there is still ample opportunity for volunteers to help. One event without a manager at this point is the Independence Day BBQ on July 4. Anyone interested in heading this event or volunteering to help at any other event should contact Kavin Moody (967-5542).
Several members in the past have suggested that we add some children’s events to the annual Fishing Derby. In line with this, the BOG has decided to combine the Family Day Outing with the Fishing Derby this year. The Fishing Derby/Family Day Outing will be held on August 6 and will include the familiar fishing agenda, along with fun and game events for smaller children. Awards for anglers and event participants will be featured along with the ever popular potluck dinner. Mark your calendar now because this will be fun!!!
Given the change in the new membership process timeline, the May 7 potluck dinner will now be called Spring Potluck. This event is always very popular and provides our earliest opportunity to gather at the Ropewalk following spring cleanup. In past years the event was planned to introduce and welcome new members into the club. But who needs an excuse for a great party? Of course, the event does provide an excellent opportunity to introduce prospective new members to the club, but everyone is encouraged to attend and get reacquainted.
The complete AYC 2005 Calendar is here...
Kavin Moody
I am happy to announce that our goal in raising funds to pay for the Handicap Accessible Ramp has been met in the typical AYC fashion. Within days of the last Lubber’s Log publication we had fulfilled our request and then some. With the excess funds, it is our intent to purchase additional outdoor furniture that will be needed on the newly constructed deck space alongside the ramp. The Memorial committee and I sincerely thank those who helped in this worthy cause.
Jack Jensen
Our condolences to Joanne Katz and family. Arnold recently passed away.
The following members have resigned in good standing:
       Phyllis Agnew and Kathleen Sturtevant
       Robert & Patricia Phaneuf
       Sarah Mackel
       Cynthia Fessenden
       Pat Chick
       AYC polos $18.00 and $20.00
       AYC Navy Polar Fleece vests $35.00
       AYC hats $12.00
       AYC burgees $16.00 and $18.00
       AYC mugs $3.00each or 4/$10.00
       AYC cocktail napkins $3.00/125
Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting
Leslie Lindgren at 207-985-2608
Wishing you fair skies and following winds,
Patty Merrill
Susan McLaughlin
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