Lubber's Log
As we go through this cold winter, I am sure many of you share my thoughts of looking ahead to boating season. It comes fast and doesn't ever seem to last long enough - but we have an active Club and an active Board of Governors that does work year round to make our AYC experience as good as it can be.
This winter, there is work going on to plan for house and dock improvements, to plan for the dredging project (if and when it happens...), preparing the social calendar, and to deal with the issues that have been raised around membership.
As you know from an earlier letter, the Annual Meeting voted to freeze membership levels for a year, and we have appointed a Task Force, headed by Rear Commodore Pete Donovan, to assess membership concerns and make recommendations for any changes.
Kavin Moody is our newest member of the Board, and he has jumped right in as head of Ways & Means. This is one area where ALL members can participate and help, and I strongly encourage you to contact Kavin and let him know your willingness to help out at an event this year.
Tim Hussey
It is our sad duty to report that Dick Spencer passed away on November 15th. Dick was a charter member of the Club and still active in its affairs. We extend our sincere condolences to Emily and his family.
John and Donna Walsh have resigned from the club in good standing.
Thank goodness for all the willing hands “on deck” who turn out, fall and spring, to keep our club ship shape. They deserve a pat on the back for showing up when the weather’s not perfect and there are no set-ups provided! We especially notice many names of junior members when scanning this list. Good job, guys!
Thanks to the following who gave up part of an autumn Saturday for the betterment of our buildings and grounds:
Steve Jacobsen
Dave Pickering
Chris Magnuson
Richard Perry
Cindy Clement
Bob Scribner
Jack Somers
Tom Kling
Frank Handlen
Paula Kling
Dave Emery
Judy Emery
Roz Magnuson
Pete Donovan
Colby Donovan
Walker Donovan
Jill Schmidt
Bruce Schmidt
Dave Wagor
Rawley Wagor
Carson Wagor
Tracey Hall
Ron Donovan
Leslie Lindgren
Ted Camp
Joyce Camp
Peter Brown
David Brown
Jonathan Hussey
Ric Walters
Heloise Strickland
Ben Strickland
Shelby Strickland
David Gould
Anne Gould
Donna Costello
Mike Costello
Gordon Ayer
Susan Ayer
Samuel Scribner
Bill Bath
Amy Bath
Tim Bath
Ben Bath
Nick Bath
If you are planning a private party at the Club for the upcoming year, there are several restrictions you should be aware of.
Here is an overview of the Ropewalk’s availability, for easy reference.
   Available for rentals:
      Spring Work Day (April 10, 2004) - Thursday, May 27, 2004
      Monday - Thursday in June
      Tuesday, September 7 - through the weekend preceding Fall Clean-up Day
      Weekends in June
      All of July and August
      September 1 - 6 (Labor Day)
Members interested in renting the Ropewalk during the upcoming season should contact Gail Preble at 967-4095.
*Please Note: The Board of Governors has reduced the attendance cap at rental functions to 100 persons.
We are continuing to go through the process of acquiring a permit for our maintenance dredge. The process requires a substantial amount of core sampling. We are attempting to piggyback some of the sampling with other groups in the river. This will help to minimize the costs. We anticipate that the process will require up to 6 months. We still do not have a definitive date for dredging, but it will not be this year.
Currently we have 5 boats and 4 floats tied up at our dock for the winter. There is some ice by the inner floats, but the bubbler system is operational, thanks to the efforts of Mark Tuller.
Vice Commodore
David Pickering
It's not even halfway through winter and I'm already working on the scheduling and planning for AYC's 2004 social calendar. I want to take this opportunity to introduce Kavin Moody as the new head of Ways & Means. After joining AYC's Board of Governors last fall, he has cheerfully accepted the challenge of managing this most important function as his first formal duty. We have been working together to ensure a smooth transition but more importantly we'll continue our collaboration to be sure the events for '04 are more fun than ever.
The calendar of events has a few minor changes this year, reflecting an effort to improve participation and family enjoyment, so be sure and review the schedule and mark your calendars at home accordingly. The always enjoyable New Member Pot Luck is still on the calendar but considering the freeze on new members for this year the theme of the dinner will be different ... more on that in a later communication.
Also, 2004 is AYC's turn to host the Kennebunk River Club for a cocktail party in mid-July. This is a hugely attended event so many volunteers are needed to make it a success. Please consider joining Gail Preble in the fun of planning and preparation. If you'd like to be added to a volunteer list simply contact Kavin Moody or myself and we'll be happy to get you in the participation loop.
Our first event for this year is imminent; the Ice Breaker Party on March 6. This is a short and simple cocktail party but is a great opportunity for a mid-winter hello and a chat with your friends at AYC. Please drop by the Senior Center in Lower Village and say hello!
The 2004 Social Calendar is online here.
Bob Scribner
Susan and Patty
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