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As I sit and peer out the living room window at the very white landscape under the impending early dusk I can still easily conjure up memories of Clairrann hanging on her anchor, as Jack Jensen and I work down the starting sequence of a Boon Island Race... or sitting on the deck of the Ropewalk with the setting sun beating in my eyes, sharing cruising stories with other members over an early evening beverage. The days are short right now but it’s a relief to hear Kevin Mannix remind us how many minutes of sunlight we’ve earned back since late December - just a few more months until the covers can be peeled back from our boats and we’ll be back enjoying our little piece of paradise on the Kennebunk River.
In the meantime, there are some stirrings of business at AYC. Invoices for our annual dues have been mailed out, the social calendar for 2009 has been created and a variety of other activities are beginning. One area that is undergoing a close look is the staffing of the club, specifically the roles & responsibilities of the Dockmaster and Stewards. The Long Range Planning committee has undertaken that review, as the Board of Governors and other committees have realized there is more work to be done than simply keeping the property & waterfront looking good and helping members come and go from their slips. It seems that members’ lives are busier than in the past and there are other club responsibilities that may be better managed by our small summer staff. This discussion is in its very early stages and hopefully by next issue of the Lubbers’ Log I’ll have more details to share.
Till then, enjoy the lengthening days and don’t forget about all those little boat maintenance tasks you promised yourself you’d complete over the Winter. I hope to see many of you at the upcoming Ice Breaker party.
Bob Scribner
This year I am transitioning from Junior Sailing over to Waterfront. I am new to the waterfront responsibilities. Robert Scribner will be transferring the files and assisting me as needed. I would like to set up a small waterfront committee consisting of four to six members. Please contact me at if you are interested in being part of the waterfront committee.
Amy Bath
Vice Commodore
At the annual meeting in September, I reported that the Ways & Means Committee had met and reviewed the FY 2008 social events. As usual, some events stood out for their weak attendance and a couple of others for positive reasons. While the final social calendar will be published in the 2009 Yearbook, it’s not too early to share some of the notable changes planned for next season.
Spring Pot Luck: The guest speaker was a big hit last year and we hope to find an equally interesting speaker this year.
The July 4 BBQ has been problematic in terms of erratic attendance and related catering difficulties. This year the format will be a no-charge pot luck for members and their guests, BYOB, with basics supplied by AYC (soda, paper and plastic, probably cake and extra grill).
Family bingo was cancelled twice last year due to lack of interest. This year one bingo will be scheduled for a Friday evening in July as a pot luck and BYOB with basics supplied by AYC (soda, paper and plastic goods).
New Mid Summer Pot Luck Party: A new pot luck and BYOB event with a calypso band, open to members and their guests, with basics supplied by AYC (soda, paper and plastic goods). This event will cost $10 per person to cover the band and targeted for the last Saturday in July.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Ice Breaker (Saturday, February 28)!
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
The Membership Committee is ready to embrace the New Year and meet with as many prospective new members as we have vacancies this spring. The applicants we meet with this spring and summer will become new members in 2010. The timetable for our process is as follows:
•Apr 30th - Membership Committee to determine number of available new membership openings
•May 5th - Membership Committee to send membership vacancy notification to sponsors
•June 5th - Sponsors to complete “Introductions” to membership committee
•June 15th - Membership committee to accept/decline applications
•July 1st - Cut-off date for additional introductions (if needed)
•July - Announce prospective member’s names to the membership via the Lubbers Log
•Sept 1st - Cutoff date for objections from general membership to be received
•Sept 10th - Membership Committee submits new member names to the Secretary to be included in the annual meeting notice and membership acceptance letter sent to the primary sponsor
•Annual Meeting – New members’ names are formally announced
Presently we have 6 folks on the boat owners’ list, 3 on the non-boat owners’ list and 10 junior members. In accordance to our guidelines, four (4) of every five (5) new members are required to own boats (both at the time of application and at admission). Junior members become full members at the age of 26 regardless of the membership cap and are the first to be accepted.
I am pleased to announce that for 2009 we had the most new members joining AYC in recent history. We had 3 junior members who became full members. In addition we had 6 boat owners join the club and one non-boat owner. Please do all you can to welcome the new members when you see them this coming season at the Ropewalk.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at I have the application and all the procedures for membership and sponsorship and can e-mail them to you upon your request. Hope you all have a great winter and look forward to an early spring.
Jack F. Rogers
Membership Committee
Preston and Terry Dalglish have resigned in good standing.
Two of our members recently passed on. They are Marion O. Hussey and Debra J. Reid. Our condolences go out to their families.
I’ll be starting work on the 2009 AYC Yearbook in early February of 2009.
Thanks to the vision of the AYC BOG, they have agreed to include some additional pages for pictures of our members and special events.
Anyone who has some good pictures you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the 2009 yearbook, please e-mail them to me at, by March 1, 2009.
Let’s make the 2009 AYC Yearbook the best one yet.
Dave James
AYC Yearbook Editor
Thank you to the following members who pitched in at the end of last season. Volunteering to work at keeping our Club in shape is vital!
Mary Ellen Woodward
Tom Sinclair
Mike Severance
John Fraser
John Smart
Ann Marie Somers
Ron Owens
Amy Bath
Kevin Cain
Ben Bath
Mark Paquette
Bob Burns
Philip McMaster
Scott Woodward
Jill Schmidt
Steve Jacobsen
Lloyd Pomber
Gail Preble
Susan Gilpatric Smart
Cindy Clement
Patti Owens
Nick Bath
Marti Hess-Pomber
Jack Somers
Jeff Merrill
Cynthia Paquette
Jack Jensen
Dave Wagor
Bruce Schmidt
Bev Keough
Bill Gilpatric
Ralph Clement
Charlie Barker
In future issues of the Lubber’s Log, we would like to read about any interesting tales and adventures you might have to share. If you have anything to contribute, please contact me at
Jenne James

Commodore/Jr Sailing
Vice Commodore/Waterfront
Rear Commodore/Building
At-Large/Ways & Means
At-Large/Adult Sailing
Past Commodore/Building Chair
Robert Scribner
Amy Bath
Jeff Merrill
Mark Paquette
Durward Parkinson
Doug Leonard
Kavin Moody
Jack Rogers
Ann Gould
John Fraser
Pete Donovan

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Jenne James
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