Lubber's Log
Another wonderful season has ended at the Arundel Yacht Club. The Ropewalk has been cleaned, boats brought up, tables and chairs put away and the water turned off. Once again we had a very good turnout to help close the club. If you haven’t been able to make the “Spring Cleaning” or the “Fall Close-up” events in awhile I would ask that you add one or both of these to your 2007 calendars. Our club is built on volunteerism and these are two events that are great examples of our membership being involved. These two events generally last two hours with “many hands making quick work” along with a bit of reminiscing and sometimes a bit of Club history.
Speaking of club history, 2007 is the Arundel Yacht Club's 50th anniversary. Tim Hussey is chairing a committee that will be putting together events all year long. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact Tim. By now you should have seen the notice about the cookbook that is being crafted for our anniversary. Please send in your favorite recipes and be part of this endeavor.
This is clearly the year to be involved with one of our scheduled events or one of the anniversary events. The founding fathers stated in the By-Laws that “The purpose of the club shall be to foster yachting activities and related social functions”. Our Mission Statement created by the 2004 “ad-hoc” membership committee states that: The Arundel Yacht Club is a family oriented yacht club founded on the principle of active member participation. Our mission is the enjoyment of boating, sailing programs, waterfront activities, and related social events with fellow members in an informal setting.
Have a great winter and please plan on joining us for our 50th year enjoying this very special place we call “The Ropewalk”.
Pete Donovan
We're partway thru a so far very mild winter and speaking for myself a mild winter keeps boats & boating closer to my thoughts since I don't have to focus on snow, snow shovels, and ice. I've been down on the docks every week or so these past months and everything is ship-shape with a few sailboats wintering over alongside. Over the past two years, the slip assignment process has continually been improved and this year with the early billing it will be easier and more convenient to adjust slip assignments for boat changes and assign new slips to fill vacated space. In the past this was done almost too late in the season for members to enjoy a new assignment so this season your assigned slip should be waiting for you rather than the other way around. Just be sure and return the slip assignment form and don't forget to communicate any changes or potential changes in boat size or shape. Enjoy the remainder of the cold season and keep dreaming about being out there!
Bob Scribner
Vice Commodore
Waterfront Committee
I’m happy to report that the club had a very busy and successful social program over the past year. Through the efforts of an active Ways & Means Committee and a substantial list of social event managers and workers, club members were provided a total of some 14 social events over the past year. This is a larger selection than anytime in memory and included several new activities. These new activities included a “salty” concert, Sea Chanty, last October, a Ladies Luncheon in May, the AYC Juniors Dance in June, and bingo nights in July and August. While the concert was a one time activity, we believe the other new activities will be returning next year. We had also planned on a return of the Stage Harbor Cookout but the weather did not cooperate, a fate not unfamiliar for this event.
Events this past year have generally been well attended with numbers consistent with our experience in the recent 2-3 years. Attendance at our social events, excluding the AYC/KRC cocktail party, totaled approximately 900 participations for the year. This was AYC’s year to host the annual AYC/KRC party, which drew approximately 225 members from the two clubs. It’s a very large gathering and we owe a special thanks to Gail Preble and Lori Parkinson for organizing the event for AYC this year.
While on the subject of recognition, there are a lot of dedicated volunteers who are really responsible for the success of our social functions. We all owe our thanks to every individual who participated on event teams and to event leaders who organized the teams. Event leaders this year included: Dave & Judy Emery, Bob Scribner and Clair Julian, Anne Hussey, Leslie & Carl Lindgren, Kim Chilton, Sarah & Dan Beard, Tom Kling, Vicki Benenti, Debbie Tuller, Debbie Reid, John Dickinson, Anne & Dave Gould and Ginny & Kavin Moody.
Last year I reported on the re-establishment of the Ways & Means Committee. This year I join the Board in commending the Committee for its success in bringing new ideas and events to our club. Committee members went well beyond suggesting ideas and offering advice, which they did. They also stepped up to the plate and implemented. The committee currently consists of Leslie Lindgren, Kim Chilton, Anne Hussey, Joyce Camp, Susan Benson, Debbie Tuller, Ferd Wyckoff, and Kavin Moody. If you have any comments or suggestions about social events, I suggest you talk with any of the members of the Ways & Means Committee.
Kavin Moody
Ways & Means
The House is in winter mode, with members periodically checking on it. Kevin Philbrick & Sons have completed the roofing project, within budget. They found the roof to be in good shape with only two small spots that needed repair. We are looking at having a copper cap put on which will slow the growth of mold. The roofing project stirred up copious amounts of old dust and dirt. We will need all hands on deck for the Spring Work Day.
We are looking to replace the kitchen floor. We have had ongoing issues with loose tiles. If anyone is interested in giving us a bid on the job, please contact me.
Our first Social Event of the season is the Spring Ice Breaker on March 3, 5-7pm at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Please bring an appetizer to serve 6. Reservations are not necessary. This event will kick off our 2007 Social Calendar. We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary all year long.
Leslie Lindgren
House Committee
The Jr. Sailing program is already starting to plan for the summer program. We are still actively trying to establish a Jr. Sailing committee. Please contact Amy Bath or Robert Scribner if interested. This is not a huge commitment. We would like to have more of AYC membership involved in the planning and promoting of the Jr. Sailing program.
The program will be looking for qualified sailing instructors for the summer. If any member knows of anyone please refer them to Amy Bath at
We plan to have the program schedule and applications ready by the end of April. I once again encourage membership to enroll their child or grandchild in this great program. There is no better way to spend the summer sailing in Kennebunkport!
Jr. Sailing also has two club 420 sailboats for sale. These boats were used last summer and are "sail ready". The sale price for members is $ 750, for non-members $1000. Contact Amy Bath or Robert Scribner for more information.
Amy Bath & Bob Scribner
Junior Sailing
I'll soon be starting work on the 2007 AYC Yearbook. I'm badly in need of pictures taken during Octoberfest and the joint AYC/River Club party. If you have any, please send them to me, either by e-mail to or snail mail to PO Box 629A, Kennebunkport, ME 04046. Many thanks.
Dave James
It may seem hard to believe that it was 50 years ago that a few friends sat around in their living room and decided to start a yacht club in Kennebunkport. Many good times and memories have been created over those 50 years, and in 2007 we will have ways to honor the founders of our Club and to celebrate 50 years of a special part of so many lives.
The highlight of the anniversary celebration will be a "Founders Dinner" on July 21, where all founding members and all past commodores will be invited to a special event where all members can listen, reflect and reminisce about the stories over the years (and there are LOTS of stories!). We also intend to have displays during the season of some photos and documents from the early years.
There will be other events and moments to celebrate during 2007. Stay tuned to Lubber's Log and other announcements!
The 50th Anniversary Committee includes Peter Hatch, Martha Hussey, Ann Benson, Bob and Bussy Badger, Arleen Jensen, Fran Robinson, Debbie Tuller, and Tim Hussey. Any ideas or volunteers are most welcome, just contact one of these folks.
Tim Hussey
Anniversary Committee
We will be collecting recipes and photos during January and February and we need everyone's participation. If members could send more than one recipe, that would be wonderful. Information can be found on the AYC website or contact Debbie Tuller at 967-2327.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to Denise and Stephen Hodsdon on the loss of their daughter Jessica.
Thank you to all who attended:
Dave Wagor
Ann Marie Somers
Lisa Hatch
Mike Costello
Bob Scribner
Amy Bath
David Pickering
Scott Woodward
Rob Benson
Beverly Keough
Mark Paquette
Peter Hatch
Donna Costello
Marti Hess-Pomber
Bill Bath
Joyce Camp
Tom Kling
Ralph Clement
Ed Keough
Cynthia Paquette
Dave Emery
Jill Schmidt
Jens Bergen
Ben Bath
Tom Sinclair
Steve Geary
Peter Donovan
Jack Somers
Paula Kling
Bruce Schmidt
Kevin Cain
Nick Bath
Jack Rogers
Mary Ellen Woodward
AYC polos - $12.00 (limited colors and sizes)
AYC Navy Polar Fleece vests - $35.00
AYC Navy Polar Fleece long sleeve zip - $40.00
AYC hats - $15.00
AYC burgees - $16.00 and $18.00
AYC mugs - $3.00each or 4/$10.00
AYC cocktail napkins - $3.00/125
Additional items may be custom ordered by contacting:
Leslie Lindgren
22 Longwood Drive
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Any comments or news that members would like to see included
in future issues of the Lubber’s Log would be welcomed!
Please feel free to contact me at or 967-4448.
Jenne James
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