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House Rules and Regulations
1.   The Clubhouse will be left open for members when a Club steward is present: Memorial Day through Labor Day from 9am to 6pm. Normally there will be a steward on duty every day from 9am to 6pm.
2.   During other hours, the club will be locked. Members unlocking the Club are responsible for locking it when they leave.
3.   Each member family is entitled to one key to the Clubhouse which may be obtained from the Secretary.
4.   Members shall accompany all guests using the Club facilities.
5.   Between the hours of 6pm and 6am, children of members shall be prohibited from access to the Clubhouse unless accompanied by a parent or member, if participating in a Club event.
6.   Children of members shall not be allowed the use of kitchen facilities in the absence of their member parents.
7.   All cooking and eating utensils shall be washed and put away by the members who have used them.
8.   Between the hours of 6pm and 6am, children of members shall be prohibited from access to the Clubhouse unless accompanied by a parent or member, if participating in a Club event.
5.   There shall be no cleaning of fish in the Clubhouse
9.   All cooking fires on the deck, in the barbeque or elsewhere must be extinguished before members leave the Club.
10.   All furniture taken outside shall be replaced within the Clubhouse by the member using it unless another member agrees to do so.
11.   Members shall be held responsible for all damage done by themselves, their families, or their guests on the basis of repair or replacement cost.
12.   Sleeping is not permitted in the Clubhouse.
14.   Parking in front of the dock ramp is limited to loading and unloading only; 15 minutes maximum time is permitted.
15.   Climbing on Club fences is prohibited as is rock throwing from Club property into the waters.
16.   Club lockers are available on a "first come, first serve" basis. See the Dockmaster for assignment. All lockers must be cleaned out by the end of the season.
17.   All Club lockers shall be secured with combination locks furnished by the Club; other locks are not permitted.
18.   Complaints relating to unbecoming conduct on the part of members, their families, or their guests may be presented to an Officer or member of the Board of Governors for action by the Board of Governors.
19.   In deference to visiting yachtsmen and our neighbors, "quiet hours" shall be observed from 2200 to 0800 hours.
20.   All pets must be on a leash. Members shall clean up after their pets. No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse.
21.   Parking Regulations
a.   Unless special arrangements are made with the House Manager or Dockmaster, only five (5) guest cars will be allowed in the parking lot at one time. The member shall obtain a guest parking card from the steward and this card shall be displayed on the guest dashboard. Member must make sure the guest returns the card on departure.
b.   Visiting Yachtsmen and their guests will not be alloed parking permits unless sponsored by a member.
c.   Cars without an AYC sticker on the rear bumper or guest parking cards will be treated as cars of non-members and subject to towing at the Club's discretion.
d.   As parking space is limited it is requested that boat owners on extended cruises do not leave their cars parked at the Club. Likewise, during the busy summer period, it is requested that members not use the parking lot unless they are actually on the premises.

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