Arundle Yacht Club
2009 Boon Island Race
June 27, 2009


            The 2009 Boon Island Race was held on Saturday, June 27, 2009. The skippers of nine race boats gathered at the Arundel Yacht Club at 9:00 AM and contemplated a dismal weather forecast of fog, showers & thunderstorms with light to variable winds. This kind of forecast seems recently to have become routine for a Boon Island Race.
            However, not to be discouraged by a lousy forecast, all nine skippers agreed to go ahead with the race, albeit with a slightly shorter course of 18 miles round trip as opposed to the 26 mile trek to Boon Island and back.
            A later than usual noon start was agreed to, necessitated by a low tide in the river at 9:30 AM.  Commodore Bob Scribner provided the Committee starting boat, ably assisted by Doug Leonard and Dave James. The start was a picture post card event with all nine boats crossing the starting line within a matter of seconds of each other.
            And, as often happens around here, the weather forecast was wrong. The sun came out, the winds kicked up to 14-16 knots and the rains never came. The boats reported one of the best races in recent years.
            Race results were as follows:

Rob Benson-AYC
2 hrs 5 min 38 sec
Mark Tuller-AYC
2 hrs 12 min 19 sec
Bob Steeves
2 hrs 16 min 35 sec
Jack Somers-AYC
2 hrs 19 min 3 sec
David Millet
2 hrs 23 min 42 sec
   6th    Mariko
Kevin Cain-AYC
2 hrs 29 min 24 sec
  Dawn Patrol Peter Hatch-AYC
2 hrs 33 min 51 sec
Charlie Barker-AYC
2 hrs 36 min 31 sec
John Bailey
2 hrs 39 min 5 sec

  Following the race, there was an awards ceremony after which all of the participants enjoyed food and drink provided by Kim Chilton & Susan Benson of the Ways & Means Committee. All agreed that this was one of the better Boon Island races in a long time. There was a strong sentiment that the AYC ought to sponsor more similar events.
            My thanks to all of the skippers & crew who participated in the race and to all of the others who provided their support.

Dave James

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