Arundle Yacht Club
2008 Boon Island Race
June 21, 2008


 The 2008 AYC Boon Island Race was held on Saturday, June 21st. Although the day dawned with heavy fog, the weather forecast called for later clearing with northeast winds of 10 knots swinging to the south at 15 knots by afternoon. Perfect for a Boon Island race. Committee BoatEncouraged by the good forecast, the skippers and crew of the eight boats registered for the race opted to go for the full Boon Island Race, a straight line distance of some twenty-six miles round trip.

Bob Scribner, ably assisted by Dave James, Jack Jensen and Doug Leonard, once again manned the starting committee boat, Scrib’s beautiful trawler, Clairann.

With visibility of barely 150 yards, eight boats crossed the starting line precisely at 11:00 AM and rapidly disappeared into the fog. The run down to Boon Island was fairly good with a northeast wind of 10-12 knots. Some skippers said that although they know they rounded Boon Island, they never actually saw the lighthouse itself because of the fog.

2008 Boon Island Race StartUnfortunately, the wind did not shift to the south and instead of picking up to 15 knots as forecast, it dropped to 5-10 knots, or less, and remained out of the northeast, right on the nose. And, of course, the fog never lifted.

With a deadline of 6:00 PM for the first boat to cross the finish line, only five of the eight boats were able to complete the race.

The corrected finish times were:

Rob Benson-AYC
4 hrs 42 min 25 sec
Mark Tuller-AYC
5 hrs 4 min 25 sec
Bob Steeves
5 hrs 14 min 9 sec
  Dawn Patrol
Peter Hatch-AYC
5 hrs 14 min 24 sec
  Irish Mist
Fred White
5 hrs 28 min
1st Place Winner
1st Place Winner
2nd Place Winner
2nd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner
Blu, skippered by Jack Sommers, Mariko, skippered by Kevin Cain, and Tessie, skippered by John Bailey were unable to finish the race due to the lack of wind and returned to the dock under power.

For the first time ever, the race T-shirts issued to the skippers and sold to the crew had a high contrast photo of Boon Island Light on the back. There are a few of these beautiful shirts still available for sale at a cost of $15.00 each. Contact Leslie Lindgren, Chris Audley or one of the AYC stewards if you’d like to purchase one.

Dave James

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