Arundle Yacht Club
2007 Boon Island Race
June 24, 2007


 The 2007 Boon Island Race was one for the books! For a change, bright sunshine and a WNW wind of 10-12 knots welcomed the ten boats that showed up for the start of the race at 10:40 am.

Once again, Captain Bob2007 Boon Island Race Scribner manned the Committee Starting Boat aboard Clair Ann. The start was nearly flawless, except for some last minute confusion over whether the bell buoy should be left to port or starboard. We’ll do better next year.

Unfortunately, shortly after the starting gun, the wind died off to 5-8 knots and out came the spinnakers. Part of the fleet headed closer to shore in search of more wind while the rest headed farther out to sea. Those closer in seemed to fare the best.

About an hour later the wind came back out of the WSW at 12-15 knots. The rest of the ride to Boon Island made for good sailing.

Early on it was clear that Fera, Irish Mist and Shadow likely were going to be in contention for the top spots since they reached Boon Island far in front of the rest of the fleet.

2007 Boon Island RaceRounding Boon Island, once again the wind dropped off to little more than 6-8 knots. However, as the boats came abreast of Ogunquit, the wind came on strong out of the WNW, with sustained winds of 15 knots and gusts in excess of 20 knots. This made for a very exciting run back to the bell buoy off the Kennebunk River. Dawn Patrol seemed to find the best of the winds and roared toward the finish line.

The corrected finish times were as follows:

Rob Benson-AYC
4 hrs 15.5 min
Bob Steeves
4 hrs 17.9 min
  Dawn Patrol
Peter Hatch-AYC
4 hrs 40.25 min
  Irish Mist
Fred White
4 hrs 48.77 min
Jack Somers-AYC
4 hrs 54.73 min
Dave James-AYC
5 hrs 7.93 min
Neil Ross-AYC
5 hrs 10.1 min
Dana James
5 hrs 11.97 min
Mark Tuller-AYC
5 hrs 29.05 min
Alchemy, skippered by Scott Woodward-AYC, had to drop out before finishing the race due to late afternoon travel plans.

This turned out to be one of the best Boon Island Races in recent memory.

Dave James

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