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2006 Boon Island Race


 The 2006 Boon Island Race got off to its usual start of little to no wind and threats of showers. Nevertheless, seven intrepid sailors turned out for the skipper's meeting at 8:00 am on Sunday morning, June 25.

It was clear from the start that we would never make it around the 30+ mile race course to Boon Island and back before nightfall. As an alternative, the skippers agreed to a 10+ mile course from the Kennebunkport Bell to the dumping grounds some 5 miles to the SE and then on to the Cape Porpoise Bell and then back to the starting line. The course was some 10 miles straight line, but averaged about 15 miles with an upwind leg requiring many tacks.

Bob Scribner, with the able assistance of Jack Jensen, manned the starting line aboard Bob's new Grand Banks 36 Trawler, ClairAnn.

Not surprisingly, there was trouble right from the beginning. Although four boats made it across the starting line in fine form, three others did not.

Due to a strong east to west current set, Raven missed the starboard mark and had to tack back for a delayed start.

Kanaloa managed to snag not only one, but two lobster warps just 5 minutes prior to the start. Taking some 10-15 minutes to free herself, she still was able to turn in a respectable finish.

Morning Star, one of the heaviest boats in the race, got caught by the east to west current set with the very light winds and struggled to make it back to the starting line with a substantial delay in her start.

Nevertheless, the rains held off, the sun peeked through occasionally and although the winds were light, we all had a great time. Not surprisingly, the lightest boat Blu, ably skippered by Jack Sommers, sailed away with a clear win with little trouble. Congratulations Jack. Well done!

The corrected finishing times for all boats were as follows:


  Dawn Patrol
  Night Music
  Morning Star

Jack Sommers
Dana James
Peter Hatch
Mark Tuller
Dave James
Peter Donovan
Bill Wade

3hrs 3min
3hrs 12 min
3 hrs 21 min
3 hrs 25 min
3 hrs 30 min
3 hrs 40 min
4 hrs 54 min

Submitted by Dave James, for the Boon Island Race Committee
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